Karma Automotive Opens Tech Base In Silicon Valley

24 October 2019

Karma Automotive, the Southern California-based creator of luxury electric vehicles, has opened a business and technology development office in Silicon Valley to help drive innovation and build partnerships in support of its emergence as a high-tech incubator.

Located in San Jose, Karma Silicon Valley will initially house a small team of engineers and business strategists tasked with growing advanced-technology partnerships that will support and shorten the company's product development process.

"Karma serves as a technology incubator," said Karma CEO Dr. Lance Zhou. "We are opening our product platform to serve as a test bed to help potential business partners bring emerging innovation to market and increase the speed of our own product development."

Establishing a proactive presence in California's northern hub of tech development is a key element of Karma's plan to invest in and grow the technologies it needs to speed product development and offer innovators and entrepreneurs the use of the company's luxury EV platform to help prove their emerging breakthroughs. The company's strategy is to blend independent development with partnerships and strategic sourcing.

"As a young and growing company, Karma is not shackled by legacy costs or bureaucratically weighed down by how things have been done in the past," Zhou said, noting that by partnering with other innovative companies it can deliver progress much easier and faster than going it alone.

"Karma's strength comes from our entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to collaborate and drive advanced technology solutions forward through innovative design, technology and importantly, the personalized relationships Karma has with its partners," he added.

The new office will be led by Lewis Liu, Karma Vice President of Business Development and Strategy, and will initially focus on growing partnerships and investing in technologies to further develop its electric drive and user experience ecosystems.

Karma has kicked-off a period of rapid product introduction, including the U.S. launch of its 2020 Revero GT luxury electric vehicle, to be followed by an all-new fully-electrified global platform in 2021. The company will use AutoMobility LA, the Los Angeles Auto Show's press & trade event, to unveil a new performance-based variant of its Revero GT and provide more details about future product offerings on Nov. 19.

Meet Karma Group and the 2020 Revero GT
As our name implies, Southern California-based Karma Group is more than just a car company. Although we are best known as a creator of soul-stirring luxury electric vehicles, Karma has emerged as a high-tech incubator offering innovators a perfect platform to prove their emerging technologies. Founded in 2014 with nearly 1,000 people worldwide, Karma is reinventing the traditional retail-based automotive business model to create non-traditional value by opening its engineering, design, customization and manufacturing resources to other companies looking to speed product development, access new technology, or make their products more luxurious. The Revero GT is a luxury electric vehicle powered by dual electric motors that embodies Karma's goals of offering leading automotive design, technology, customization and an outstanding customer experience. Our growing number of retail partners in North America is accepting pre-orders of the Revero GT and first deliveries are expected to happen during the further quarter 2019. Every Revero GT is created with great individual care and world-class craftsmanship at the Karma Innovation and Customization Center in Moreno Valley, Calif. We are backed by a patient and well-funded shareholder committed to sustaining Karma's long-term future through the creation of a global, all-electric vehicle platform that will serve as the foundation for many different models starting in 2021.

Learn more about Karma Automotive and Revero at www.karmaautomotive.com or visit the password-free Karma Newsroom at www.karmanewsroom.com for the latest press releases, videos and images -- there you will learn why Karma is attracting innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and others looking for new ways to build a different kind of car company and a better future.


Source: prnewswire.com