Jay Leno Unveils Three New Spectacular Car Care Products at SEMA to Turn Any Enthusiast into a Pro

15 November 2021

Jay Leno is expanding his popular line of car care products with the introduction of a Heavy-Duty Rubber Cleaner, Ceramic Wash Shampoo and Ceramic Tire Dressing. Each is designed to put the power of professional grade products into the hands of those who are deeply committed to the car of their car, truck or motorcycle. The new products will be unveiled in the Jay Leno’s Garage  Advanced Vehicle Care booth (#10012) at the SEMA show in Las Vegas this week and will be available through retail stores nationwide by the end of the year.

For the past ten years, the legendary comedian, world-renowned car guy and former host of the Tonight Show has worked closely with product engineers and chemists to develop easy-to-use formulations that offer superior shine and protection. The company, which shares its name with the Emmy-award winning television series, offers a range of detailing solutions, tools and accessories through retail stores across the USA.

“Because I really enjoy the process of detailing a car myself, I’ve spent a lifetime determining the best car care products for my own vehicles,” said Jay Leno. “When we launched our initial products a few years ago, I planned to expand the line with more choices based on continued research using my own cars. This trio of new products takes detailing to a new, higher professional level using advanced ingredients that simultaneously clean and protect.”

Available under the Jay Leno’s Garage – Advanced Vehicle Care brand, the company makes its products in the USA. The line spans all possible needs for the car enthusiast from exterior care like washing, waxing, and protecting the vehicle’s body, to different products designed for a wide variety of finishes and fabrics for interior use.

The latest vehicle care products available include:

· Ceramic Wash Shampoo - An incredibly slick, high-foaming wash soap with the stunning shine properties of ceramic; it offers better durability, gloss and beading than any other existing coating available

· Heavy-Duty Rubber Cleaner - This new formula makes quick work of cleaning the dirtiest tire and rubber surfaces; it even removes any ugly brown “blooming” for a beautiful finish

Ceramic Tire Dressing – A new formula that combines a high-gloss tire and trim dressing with the durable surface protection of ceramic
All three products were designed for the serious enthusiast like Leno because they are based on his car care cleaning philosophy.

“A deep bond develops between owner and vehicle during the cleaning, protection and preservation process,” said Leno. “There’s a sense of accomplishment when you do something with your own hands. It is really rewarding to see the fruits of your labor while behind the wheel. That moment makes all the work worthwhile.”

The line of premium products spans all possible needs for the car enthusiast, from exterior care like washing, waxing, and protecting the vehicle’s body, to different products designed for a wide variety of finishes and fabrics for interior use. The car care products are available from Jay Leno's Garage online through its webstore at www.lenosgarage.com or at Walmart, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Advance Auto Parts and Pep Boys stores nationwide.

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