International expansion: Smart mobility specialist Vehiclevo opens location in Egypt

13 December 2023

Vehiclevo , a German provider of software infrastructure for electronic control units in motor vehicles, relies on international software expertise. Together with the Egyptian government agency for the development of the IT industry (ITIDA), the company celebrated the opening of the new competence center in Cairo, Egypt. This supports the headquarters in Unterschleißheim in the area of ​​software development for solutions relating to e-mobility, autonomous driving, telematics, infotainment and the digital cockpit.

Vehiclevo specializes in the development of intelligent software architecture for complex Electronic Control Units (ECUs). The focus is on innovative, customer-oriented solutions relating to e-mobility, autonomous driving, telematics and the digital cockpit. In addition to technical development, the portfolio of the specialist from Unterschleißheim also includes end-to-end software support in the areas of diagnostics, software updates, data routing, inter-processor communication (IPC), power management, functional safety and Cybersecurity. The company is a partner of AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture)

Egypt as a sought-after software location

As part of its global expansion strategy, the automotive supplier has founded a second development center in Cairo in addition to the established location in Unterschleißheim. Over the last few years, Egypt has become an attractive tech location. Gartner described the country as the “ Primary Location in EMEA for Global Delivery of IT and Business Services” in 2019 . Some Fortune 500 companies operate business centers in Cairo. The state also supports initiatives in the areas of electronic design, embedded systems and automotive technology. The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), which was founded specifically for the purpose of strengthening the IT and service industry, is responsible for this. Last but not least, Egypt has the largest multilingual talent pool in the Middle East and the second largest in the EMEA region. 37 percent of students complete their degrees in STEM disciplines.

Several government representatives from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), ITIDA as well as representatives from the German-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GACIC) took part in the opening ceremony of the new Vehiclevo office.

Muhammad Ahmed, shareholder and managing director of Vehiclevo, emphasizes: “ In the last twenty years, the Egyptian automotive software industry has been able to write an unprecedented success story - not least through the training of engineers and the development of know-how. We would like to exploit these advantages of the location in our new competence center in Cairo. The plan is for the new employees in Cairo to focus on software development in order to expand our market segment in Germany and globally in the long term. We are pleased to welcome so many new talents to our team.”

Roxana Matei, [email protected]