Intensifying the Belt and Road Initiative: Remarkable global expansion for DENZA in 2023

28 December 2023

DENZA is a new energy luxury brand co-founded by BYD, a leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles, and Mercedes-Benz, the inventor of the gasoline car, embracing globalization in its carries DNA. Not only are all DENZA products designed for a global audience, the company also strives to become a world-leading new energy luxury car brand. DENZA pursues a global strategy and actively implements the Belt and Road Initiative. To do this, the company is building a global brand image, honing its internal strengths and achieving notable success both domestically and internationally.

2023 will be DENZA's first year on the international stage, with significant appearances at the world's most important motor shows: examples include the Bangkok International Motor Show in March, attended by former Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha; the Munich International Motor Show in September, where the vehicle's European debut was met with widespread acclaim; the Japan Mobility Show in October; the Thailand International Motor Expo in November, where the DENZA N7 continued its international journey after the DENZA D9, and the Hong Kong International Auto Show in December, where the DENZA D9 made its debut and was available for pre-order. With constant and orderly international expansion, DENZA has not only won the hearts of global media and customers, but also laid a solid foundation to become a leading international high-end brand, preparing to become the "business card" of Chinese New -Energy luxury cars, redefining the Chinese automotive industry and introducing DENZA to a global audience.

In addition to its international success, DENZA has also achieved remarkable results in the domestic market. The company's first MPV, the DENZA D9, with its luxurious features of design, comfort, intelligence, control and safety and its suitability for both private and business use, became the fastest new generation Chinese luxury model. DENZA D9 shipped 100,000 units in just 11 months, setting a new industry record. As of early December 2023, the DENZA D9 was the best-selling luxury van over RMB 300,000 for eleven consecutive months and is expected to continue to be the best-selling van in 2023.

The DENZA D9 stands out for both its sales volume and its price: with an average selling price of over 420,000 RMB, it is the most expensive model among Chinese automobile brands. In addition, it maintains the top position in resale value in the new energy segment after one year. MPVs, setting a new standard in the luxury MPV market. The DENZA D9 is not only popular with ordinary families, but also the vehicle of choice for many modern elites, including national actress Hai Qing, famous TV host Yang Lan and well-known entrepreneur Cao Hui, all of whom appreciate this new luxury.

As a pioneer combining BYD's leading new energy technology with Mercedes-Benz's luxury manufacturing tradition, DENZE not only opens up endless possibilities for the brand with every step of its global journey, but also showcases the charm and strength of the Chinese one new energy luxury car brands. In the future, DENZA will continue to advance its global development, expand its range of luxury products and create an unparalleled luxury travel experience for international users to further support China's journey to becoming an automotive powerhouse.


In 2010, DENZA, a luxury new energy vehicle brand, was co-founded in Shenzhen by BYD, a leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles, and Mercedes-Benz, the inventor of the gasoline car. DENZA was the first brand to dedicate itself to the new energy luxury car market. Over the past thirteen years, DENZA has gone through three phases: initiation, construction and innovation. Meanwhile, the Chinese market has experienced a wave of technological revolution in new energy vehicles, which has rapidly changed people's understanding of cars and significantly changed the luxury car market with the development of new energy. On May 16, 2022, the DENZA brand underwent a complete redesign, embodying three distinct attributes and three leading benefits from the outset. We have an independent brand, independent products and an independent team, and have three key competitive advantages in terms of our products and services: the first advantage is the BYD Group's leading new intelligent energy technology, the second is the leading quality of luxury products made from thirteen years of joint development with Mercedes-Benz. The third advantage is the “soft power” built by DENZA to meet the current and future needs of new energy vehicle users – a leading ecosystem of services for users. In the future, we want to create a new luxurious and immersive travel experience for our users and build a more valuable, intelligent and safe new luxury car brand.

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