INEOS Automotive unveils the design of the upcoming Grenadier all-wheel drive vehicle

1 July 2020

INEOS Automotive unveils the body design of the upcoming pure off-roader Grenadier, reaching the next milestone on the way to series production.

The INEOS Grenadier, which was developed from scratch on its own platform, was conceived with one precise goal in mind: to meet the demands of future owners who need a hard-wearing, powerful and comfortable work vehicle that can be used to master any terrain.

“The target was very clear. We are committed to creating a modern, functional and extremely powerful all-wheel drive vehicle with a high utility value as the core, "said design manager Toby Ecuyer. The clear design leaves no doubt as to what role the Grenadier plays. Equipped with everything that is necessary. And nothing else. Nothing is just for the look. Modern construction and production techniques guarantee the high performance of the Grenadier, but we were able to remain true to our credo of designing a utility-oriented vehicle that will also prove itself in the long term. "

Dirk Heilmann , CEO of INEOS Automotive, said: “We are very pleased that we can present the design of the Grenadier so early in the development process. Most automobile manufacturers would hold it back as long as possible. However, we are a young company that is building a new brand and we want to take people on this exciting journey.

The current design concept enables us to focus on the decisive next phase of vehicle development: the tests of performance and robustness. We have an extremely challenging program in which we put the prototypes through their paces under all conditions and collect over 1.8 million test kilometers over the next twelve months. As of today there is nothing to hide. Test drives without camouflage foils, foam blocks or dummies are an additional advantage. "

Sir Jim Ratcliffe , CEO of INEOS, said: “The Grenadier project was launched when we discovered a niche in the market caused by the withdrawal of some manufacturers: there was no longer a utility-oriented off-road vehicle. This gave rise to our blueprint for a powerful, robust and reliable off-roader that can master even the most demanding terrain in the world. But the optics also had to be right. As will be seen today, Toby and his team have done great things and developed a design that is striking and functional at the same time. "

About the INEOS Grenadier

In 2017, INEOS CEO Sir Jim Ratcliffe , a car enthusiast and experienced adventurer, noticed a gap in the market: there was no longer a pure, exclusively utility-oriented off-roader that meets the current demands as a reliable work vehicle. This is how INEOS Automotive Limited was founded and an experienced team of automotive specialists set about making the vision a reality.

Indestructible British spirit combined with German engineering: The Grenadier becomes an absolutely uncompromising all-wheel drive vehicle that has been redesigned from scratch. It is built in such a way that it can master any challenge: with unrivaled off-road capabilities, durability and reliability. For all those who have to be able to rely on a vehicle as work equipment. All around the world.

With regard to the construction, the stage of series development is currently heralded, in which INEOS Automotive is supported by Magna Steyr as a partner. Prototype tests are already underway. The INEOS Grenadier will go into production at the end of 2021.

INEOS Automotive is a subsidiary of the INEOS Group ( ), a leading manufacturer of petrochemicals, specialty chemicals and petroleum products. The group employs 23,000 people in 34 business units. The production network spans 183 manufacturing locations in 26 countries. Whether colors or plastics, textiles or technology, medical devices or mobile phones: the materials manufactured by INEOS enrich almost every facet of modern life. INEOS had sales of around $ 61 billion in 2019.

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