Industrial Autonomous Vehicle Provider Cyngn and Arilou Automotive Cybersecurity Announce Partnership

1 September 2021

Cyngn, the industrial autonomous vehicle technology developer, today announced a partnership with Arilou Automotive Cybersecurity, the leading automotive cyber security provider. The partnership will ensure the continued protection and security of Cyngn's autonomous vehicle deployments.

"Arilou has a decade of experience in researching and developing cyber-security solutions dedicated to the automotive environment. They are experts in embedded, mission-critical cyber security, and are experienced at developing reliable, high-end, defensive cyber security solutions for even the most complicated of systems," said Cyngn's CEO Lior Tal. "By partnering with Arilou, Cyngn adds vehicle network level cybersecurity to DriveMod, our modular industrial vehicle autonomous driving software, which is part of the Enterprise Autonomy Suite."

"We are very excited about being able to offer our insight and expertise to this emerging market," said Arilou CEO Ziv Levi. "Thanks to Cyngn, autonomous vehicle deployments will become increasingly common across industrial use cases. Through this partnership, Cyngn now sets the highest standard of automotive security for fleets across material handling, logistics, mining, and construction."

The industrial automation market is expected to climb to $306.2 billion by 2027. As more autonomous vehicles start to be deployed across more environments, the need for end-to-end security only increases. With Arilou's technology, Cyngn's autonomous vehicles can identify communication anomalies and react. For example, if an AV begins to receive commands that are not congruent with typical operational expectations, the system can flag the unexpected commands and initiate fail-safe modes like stopping the vehicle immediately. Moreover, Arilou will constantly monitor Cyngn's more than 40 autonomous vehicle subsystems to ensure no malicious actors are attempting to access the system.

In most cases, Arilou's cybersecurity solutions will work invisibly, maximizing the uptime of these industrial autonomous vehicle fleets.

About Cyngn

Cyngn is a Silicon Valley venture-backed industrial autonomous vehicle company that counts some of the world's leading mobility institutions among its partners, including Nerospec, Symboticware, Formel D, First Transit, and Airbiquity. Cyngn's flagship innovation is DriveMod, an autonomous driving solution that can be flexibly deployed on multiple vehicle types across multiple industrial environments. The company has been operating autonomous vehicles in production environments since 2017. In August, the organization filed confidentially for an Initial Public Offering.

About Arilou Automotive Cybersecurity

Arilou Automotive Cybersecurity, part of NNG Group, is a pioneer of CAN-bus (Sentinel-CAN) and automotive Ethernet (Sentinel-ETH) cybersecurity. An independent and trusted security partner, Arilou believes in an automotive future secured against cyber-attack.

In addition to Secure Boot solutions and its award-winning, UMTRI-tested Sentinel-CAN software intrusion detection and prevention system, Arilou provides ISO/SAE 21434 Compliance and Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA) services.

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Director of Marketing
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