Idemitsu Lubricants America Raises the Bar on Fully Synthetic Engine Oils, Introduces New GF-6 Lineup

5 May 2020

Idemitsu Lubricants America provides incredible new levels of engine protection with its line of fully synthetic motor oils that meet and exceed the new SP/GF-6A industry standards for more protection, performance and power. Also, Idemitsu has introduced a new 0W-16 SP/GF-6B Ultra-Low Viscosity Motor Oil with robust additive technology that exceeds forward-looking lubrication standards.

"Idemitsu is ahead of the field again with a line of fully synthetic motor oils that meets and, in many cases, even exceeds the new industry standards designed to protect the unique needs of today's high-revving, high-performance engines," said Oya Yasumasa, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Idemitsu. "Not only do we have fully synthetic GF-6A oil in three different formulations, we're excited to launch our new 0W-16 motor oil in the Idemitsu brand that surpasses the forward-looking GF-6B standards. Each of our fully synthetic GF-6 oils is 100% ready for production and will be rolled out in a strategically phased plan to coincide with markets re-opening in the coming weeks."

Across the line, Idemitsu Fully Synthetic GF-6 Engine Oils provide more than three times (3x) better protection of engine parts at low-temperature starts over GF-6 standards and up to 21% greater engine wear protection, even under extreme conditions. Low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) events are reduced by 91% over the new GF-6 standards.

Idemitsu's new Ultra Low Viscosity 0W-16 Engine Oil further bolsters the line of GF-6 synthetic oils, and offers outstanding chemical and viscosity stability to reduce tailpipe emissions and protect emission control systems. It keeps pistons, camshafts, lifters and other engine parts cleaner, even surpassing GF-6 standards, for longer engine life.

Idemitsu Fully Synthetic Lineup of GF-6 Engine

Oils – Beyond GF-6 standards for engine wear protection, fuel economy retention, reduced oil consumption and protection against LSPI, the individual viscosity grades provide the following.

0W-16 – More than 28% less oil consumption and over a 22% advantage on fuel economy retention over GF-6 standards
0W-20 – More than 18% engine wear protection over the new GF-6 standards
5W-20 – More than 46% less oil consumption and 21% greater engine wear protection over the new
5W-30 – More than 24% fuel economy retention and 90% more stability in high heat

Idemitsu Lubricants America's line of fully synthetic engine oils meet or exceed all ILSAC and API standards. In the coming weeks, as the world emerges out of the current healthcare situation, Idemitsu is excited to bring these state-of-the-art fully synthetic engine oils to sales outlets across the nation. Idemitsu remains committed to providing the latest in lubrication technology for today and tomorrow's ever-changing automotive needs.

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