HornBlasters Re-Engineers Train Horn Mounting with Innovative Spare Tire Delete Kits

20 June 2020

It's a customer challenge that's real – installing train horns for their full or mid-sized truck. That's why HornBlasters, Inc., the maker of train horns for trucks and cars, has developed a spare tire delete kit that takes a fraction of the time to install.

Using a Spare Tire Delete Kit (or STDK) is a growing category trend right now and HornBlasters has made the DIY process easier than ever before. More and more customers are kicking their factory-size spare tire to the curb and replacing it with a train horn kit. The STDK provides the customer with a mounting bracket that uses the vehicle's stock spare tire lifting system to hold the horn kit in place.

Customers choose from a choice of Conductor's Special kits which feature HornBlasters' ShockerXL train horns and sound just like real locomotive horns. The Spare Tire Delete kits use the factory spare tire crank, require standard hand tools, basic wiring skills, and about three hours of time.

"We're continuing to improve on our existing product line by listening to our customers, in order to create new and innovative products that contribute to the automotive safety device category," Matthew Heller, owner and CEO, HornBlasters says.

How does it work?  Installation starts by assembling the horn components onto the bracket. After lowering the factory spare tire and sliding it out of the way, the fully assembled Spare Tire Delete Kit is now placed under the truck and then lifted into the same space once occupied by the spare tire. After minor hardware adjustments, just run the wires to the power supply and that's it.

Manufactured in the U.S. from 12-gauge mild steel, Spare Tire Delete brackets are durable and come with a one-year warranty. The ShockerXL train horns that come in all Conductor's Special kits carry the industry's only lifetime warranty.

The HornBlasters Spare Tire Delete kits are available in two-gallon or four-gallon options, fit most truck models and offer a secure compact all-in-one time-saving solution.
For more information: https://hornblasters.com/

About HornBlasters Inc.

HornBlasters is the market leader for automotive horn applications. Founded in 2002, HornBlasters has created a niche automotive product segment of train horns for trucks and cars. Since then, Hornblasters has expanded into on-board air solutions, air suspension, load support, and electric air horns.

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