Hongqi Exhibition Hall Kuwait Opens With The Launch of Three Products

11 January 2021

Hongqi Exhibition Hall in Kuwait opened, and three models H9, H5 and HS5 were launched for Kuwaiti users. H9 makes its debut in Kuwait, which is its second debut in the Middle East after its release in Dubai.

The opening ceremony was held live online, which enabled its consumers to appreciate the charms of Hongqi products at home. Cheng Yongru, Economic and Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy to Kuwait, attended the event at the invitation and cut the ribbon together with Mr. Al-Khalid, Chairman at Al Khalid Auto, a Kuwaiti dealer, to celebrate the opening of the exhibition hall and the launch of H9 sedan in Kuwait. Later, Mr. Al-Khalid addressed the ceremony, reviewed the historical cooperation with Hongqi brand, and expressed his great appreciation for the new definition of luxury made by Hongqi H9.

Mr. Yang Dayong, the president of China FAW Group Import & Export Co., Ltd offered his congratulations through special effects and expressed his full confidence in the joint development of Hongqi brand in Kuwait with Al Khalid Auto. After the debut of H9, Mr. Maher, General Manager at Al Khalid Auto, briefed the elegant design and extraordinary performance of Hongqi products.

As the top auto brand in China, Hongqi enjoys a long history and becomes a byword for luxury cars in China. In recent years, with the changes of Hongqi itself and its market orientation, Hongqi has greatly integrated Chinese elements, fashion design and cutting-edge technologies, to work out excellent products of fine quality, which have been quickly recognized by its users. Besides, Hongqi is speeding up its course of brand rejuvenation and internationalization, actively distributing its global market, and building a "four countries and ten regions" global R&D layout with "Changchun Global R & D Headquarters" as its center.

Hongqi keeps promoting product innovation and technological innovation and is committed to producing products of prime quality. Hongqi has now established its sales networks in the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia, making it possible for consumers around the world to know more about Hongqi along with its products of fine technology.

H9, a new generation flagship model, integrates oriental luxury elements and advanced intelligent technologies, setting up a brand-new benchmark for E class sedan. Regarding its design, Hongqi H9 includes various Chinese elements, further follows and extends Chinese aesthetic design, leading a new trend of luxury cars. Meanwhile, the cockpit featuring "Oriental Artistic Conception" vividly embodies oriental wisdom and provides excellent enjoyment and new experience to users with its advanced technologies and power system platform.

As a typical representative of luxury car brands, Hongqi will cooperate with Kuwait dealer Al Khalid Auto for the sale of Hongqi H9, and work together to offer more comfortable and intelligent car experiences to local users.

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Source: businesswire.com