Honda celebrates 1 million transmissions produced in Celaya

16 April 2019

Honda of Mexico is pleased to once again celebrate another milestone of its Mexican operations, because the CVT Transmission Plant of the manufacturing complex in Celaya, Guanajuato , produced its 1 million unit. March 20. This took less than 4 years since he started manufacturing operations in July 2015.

The Transmission Plant is part of the manufacturing complex that the company has in Celaya ; its construction began in 2013 with an additional $ 470 million investment to the new car manufacturing plant that was already under construction on the site. This plant started operating in July 2015 and is a key part of operations in Mexico, since it provides CVT transmissions not only for vehicles manufactured in Mexico, but also for several plants in the US. UU and Canada. It has an area of ??more than 65,000 square meters and more than 1,000 highly trained associates work there to produce with high quality this precise piece of engineering that is key to the performance and efficiency of vehicles.

"For Honda de México it is a great pride to achieve another important milestone in our global operations, as we have a good acceptance of the products manufactured in our plant and meet all the quality and engineering standards that Honda established for its global operations", said Kazuhiro Takizawa , president of Honda of Mexico. "At this moment, I want to thank all our partners of the Celaya Transmission Plant for their effort and commitment in the manufacture of this key component for the good performance, handling and reliability of many of our vehicles." This demonstrates once again the great quality of the Mexican workforce that we are very proud to train continuously, thanks to everyone for their great work! ".

Currently, there are two types of CVT transmissions in the plant, one that is used with 1.5-liter displacement motors and installed in Fit and HR-V, and another for engines with greater displacement that is currently used for the Civic with engine of 2.0 liters.

With achievements like this, Honda reiterates its commitment to Mexico by making it a key part of its global production with the confidence that the quality of its workforce and final products exceed the expectations of the brand.

About Honda de México
It has two production centers located in Celaya, Guanajuato ; and El Salto, Jalisco ; where engines, transmissions, motorcycles, power products and Fit® and HR-V® vehicles are produced for the national market and export to various countries around the world. Honda offers a complete line of reliable vehicles, efficient in fuel consumption and fun to drive, with advanced security technologies, brand Honda®, marketed through a network of more than 120 distributors. The vehicle line includes Honda Fit®, City®, Civic® Sedan, Civic® Coupé, Civic® Type R®, Insight® and Accord® sedan cars; as well as the BR-V®, HR-V®, CR-V® and Honda Pilot® SUVs; and the Odyssey® minivan.