HAVAL JOLION SUV sets trends at Auto Shanghai 2021

26 April 2021

GWM has launched three technology platforms: LEMON, TANK and COFIS, which laid the foundation for GWM to conquer the global market. On April 19, HAVAL JOLION, based on a flexible, high-performance, high-security and lightweight LEMON platform, was unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2021, where GWM officially named this SUV model JOLION.

HAVAL JOLION is the latest model for global drivers. The model has an elegant and dynamic design. Its smart and sharp front part highlights the classic chrome honeycomb grille, the front LED combination headlight "halberd", forming a complete and strong visual experience; The interior design adopts a horizontal center control design, with a 2700mm wheelbase and wide rear space, with luxurious and avant-garde concepts.

In addition, it has cutting-edge technologies. Its wireless charging function can greatly alleviate users' anxiety. Automatic parking with full scenes makes parking easier. The 12.3-inch touch screen, HUD full-color smart display, keyless entry, 360-degree panoramic image, and other smart services bring a more comfortable smart driving experience. In addition, the intelligent cruise and AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) panoramic recognition help drivers to handle different road conditions to their liking, injecting all the senses of technology while greatly improving driving safety.

Equipped with a combination of second generation 1.5T engine power and 7DCT wet transmission, JOLION adopts turbocharging, high drop ratio, aluminum cylinder and other technologies, with a maximum power of 110kW and a maximum torque of 220N • m. It also has a class-leading electric power steering system with three light modes, comfortable and sporty. The electronic gear knob provides more comfort to operate and is full of science and technology sense. It has four driving modes namely Standard, Sporty, Economic and Snowfield, making it easy to drive in different road conditions. The specific configuration of the model available in different countries will be subject to the final announcement.

With the highly intelligent globalized modular platform LEMON, HAVAL has defined JOLION safety, reliability, quality and other standards to high specifications from the very beginning of design. It has carried out the comprehensive verification from the complete vehicle to the parts, ensuring that the performance and technological configuration of the model reach the international leading level.

As a global launch model, the launch of JOLION further enriches GWM's product portfolio. It serves as an important part of GWM's globalization strategy, enriching the global product design and further promoting the brand image.


Source: prnewswire.com