Hanon Systems Combats Electric Vehicle Winter Driving Range Concerns with Innovative Heat Pump Solutions

20 February 2024

Hanon Systems, a leading global automotive thermal management supplier for electrified mobility, today reaffirms its commitment to build a clean energy future through innovative electric vehicle (EV) solutions such as its industry-leading heat pump systems and components.

EV driving range continues to be a concern among consumers and automakers alike, particularly in winter conditions. The challenge surrounds the amount of battery energy required to heat the cabin for occupant comfort, and maintain the optimal temperature of the battery and power electronics in cold conditions.

Hanon Systems is addressing these challenges and more with its innovative and award-winning suite of heat pump solutions for EVs.

"Heat pumps are fast becoming mainstream electric vehicle technology due to their ability to help maintain driving range in winter conditions where occupant and battery heating is required," said Dr. Uli Stuhec, vice president and chief technology officer of Hanon Systems. "Hanon Systems is a pioneer in thermal management for electric vehicles with an extensive heat pump product offering."

Internal testing of warm-up performance compared Hanon Systems to a leading competitor simulating winter conditions in a controlled environment at two ambient temperatures: -20degC (-4degF) and -7degC (19degF). At 20 minutes into the test, the Hanon Systems heat pump air outlet temperature outperformed the competition by approximately 9degC (17degF) at both temperatures, which directly correlates to faster occupant comfort. In addition to achieving a faster warm-up, the Hanon Systems heat pump consumed 28% less power at -20degC (-4degF) and 40% less power at -7degC (19degF). Power consumption of the heat pump system is a significant contributor to electric vehicle driving range.

Winter performance testing of EVs by third-party and industry sources further support the notion that colder weather degrades battery performance, which directly correlates to a decrease in driving range. In a recent report by the Korea Ministry of Environment, the top 4 vehicles tested were equipped with Hanon Systems heat pump systems and achieved greater than 90% driving range with the heater-on at -7degC (19degF), compared to operation at 25degC (77degF).

Such results are not by coincidence. Hanon Systems has an extensive heat pump product offering, robust patent portfolio and multiple technology awards that span a period of more than two decades. Initial system design and pre-development heat pump programs with global automakers began in the early 2000s, resulting in production of the first generation system in 2014. Since then, the company has introduced industry-first solutions into serial production, including an 800V (high voltage) electric compressor and components designed for R744, an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional refrigerants.

Dr. Stuhec added: "We have proven ability to deliver heat pump solutions with outstanding heating performance and energy efficiency; it is a testament to our legacy, technical expertise and trust by our customers. As we expect future legislation will continue to evolve the industry, we are already actively engaged in developing thermal EV solutions such as those that use natural refrigerants to meet thermal management market needs."

About Hanon Systems
Hanon Systems is a full-line supplier of automotive thermal and energy management solutions for electrified and conventional vehicles. Its offering includes a wide range of solutions in the areas of heating ventilation and air conditioning; powertrain cooling; compressor; fluid transport; and electronics and fluid pressure. The company currently operates 50 manufacturing sites and three regional innovation centers, and employs more than 20,000 people across 21 countries. To learn more, visit hanonsystems.com.


Source: prnewswire.com