HAAH Automotive Holdings and Zotye USA Open New U.S. Headquarters

13 June 2019

HAAH Automotive Holdings and Zotye USA, the distributor of Zotye Automobiles of China, have opened their new, joint headquarters in the Orange County, California city of Irvine.  HAAH is co-locating the headquarters of its wholly owned subsidiary, Zotye USA, in the same building.

Zotye USA will begin selling its first model, the Zotye T600 CUV at the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021.  The company is currently preparing for the sales launch as it builds out its franchised new vehicle dealer network and puts in place its cloud-based information technology structure, vehicle and parts shipping distribution systems, marketing, research and customer relations systems and other operations.

The office consists of 13,500-square feet of space and is located on the top floor of the building at 29 Parker, Irvine, California.

"HAAH's original office was located nearby and it was always our plan to keep the headquarters of HAAH and Zotye USA in Southern California.  Irvine provides us with a very desirable location for employees, a highly educated labor pool to draw from as we grow, excellent transportation options throughout the U.S. and China and great neighborhoods for our employees to live in.  Our new headquarters building is another step in HAAH's fast-paced growth trajectory in the U.S.  It will also prove to be an excellent location for Zotye USA as we prepare to begin selling the first Zotye CUV in less than two years," said Chairman and CEO of HAAH Automotive Holdings and Zotye USA, Duke Hale.

Move in at the facility has already begun, with the management team putting the offices to use immediately upon the facility's completion.

"We're a startup company, built on speed, high-technology systems, a love of vehicles and the hardest working people I've ever seen.  The minute there was a desk in the offices, someone was sitting at it, working at a hundred miles an hour," said Hale.

The company is planning an official opening ceremony later this year.

About HAAH Automotive Holdings
HAAH Automotive Holdings was formed by a group of leading auto industry executives and experts to create a new experience both for customers and its dealer partners.  Designed to meet the needs of 21st century car buyers, the company is creating new methods, processes and procedures to increase transparency, clarify pricing, and simplify purchase and vehicle service for the customer.   The company is based in Irvine, Calif.

About Zotye USA
Zotye USA will handle all sales, distribution, parts and service for Zotye vehicles in the United States.  The vehicles will initially be imported from China where they are currently designed, engineered and produced by one of China's leading automakers, Zotye Automobile International Co.  Vehicles will be sold in the U.S. by a network of franchised new vehicle dealers.  Zotye USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of HAAH Automotive Holdings.


Source: prnewswire.com