Goodix Powers Innovation for Next-Gen Vehicles with Advanced Touchscreen Control Solutions

25 October 2022

A smart automobile is more than just a means of transportation in the modern world. These vehicles serve as intelligent, connected "computers of mobility", processing increasingly complex information that requires larger and more abundant displays to present more data to the users.

Fueled by this tech-driven transformation, Goodix Technology extends its deep expertise in automotive touch controllers for small- and medium-sized screens, and further introduces a new single-chip solution GA687X that fully supports large displays ranging from 12.3 to 27 inches, designed to enable a more immersive in-vehicle experience for customers.

However, the growing size of infotainment touchscreens brings various challenges due to the signal attenuation and the rise of noise. To guarantee larger screens are responsive and sensitive to user touch, the GA687X chip design is based on a customized high-performance processing core with multiple innovative hardware-supported operators. It can reach a remarkable report rate of up to 250Hz that is far beyond industry's average, achieving a minimum 10ms response time to allow users to control functions without any latency. The solution also features a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) to dramatically boost the display noise-resistant capability.

The reliability of automotive touchscreen controllers is fundamental to driving safety, therefore GA687X equips Goodix's proprietary anti-interference technology to achieve superior Electromagnetic Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) performance. It satisfies CISPR 25 Class 5 EMI standard that international auto manufacturers require to ensure the stable operation against various in-vehicle electromagnetic interferences.        

Additionally, the solution boasts the world's leading capacitive loading capability with an optimized chip design, and supports the evolving trend of curved or special-shaped displays in future cockpits by adapting to different screen stack-ups, including flexible AMOLED on-cell touchscreens.

Wide Adoption is Paving the Way for Ongoing Innovations

Touchscreens and touch keys are gradually replacing most of the physical buttons as the irresistible evolution of intelligent vehicles continues. According to data from Omdia, global shipments of automotive screens are expected to reach 238 million units in 2030 with an average annual growth rate of 6.5%, indicating a huge market potential for future growth of in-vehicle touch products. And it is why Goodix has ramped up its R&D investment to seize this booming opportunity.

With years of effort, Goodix is creating cutting-edge technologies for human-vehicles interaction. Its high-performance automotive touch solution series that supports the full range of screen sizes has met the requirements for stringent automotive standards AEC-Q100 and IATF 16949, and is recognized by global mainstream automotive customers in the Japanese, South Korean, US, European and Chinese markets. Goodix will also keep investing in new solution categories, such as MCU for touch keys, to accommodate the evolving design of automotive user interfaces.

Aiming to enable a safer, more intelligent driving experience for global customers, Goodix targets the automotive sector as one of the strategic markets and continues to leverage other areas of world-leading expertise such as innovative solutions for touch control, biometric authentication, wireless connectivity, as well as voice and audio for an increasing number of automotive applications.

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