Global Digital Solutions, Inc Provides Update on Rontan Judgement and Aviation Services Group

29 October 2021

Global Digital Solutions, Inc. , a company that is positioning itself as a leader in Automotive and Aviation Technology Solutions, announces updates on the Rontan Judgment process and updates regarding our Aviation Services Group.

Rontan/Bolzan Appeal: Rontan Metallurgica and the Bolzan's have filed an appellate brief on October 15, 2021. The Company, through our counsel at Boies Schiller Flexner (BSF), expects to respond in the next few weeks to the filed brief. The Company has studied the brief with counsel and remain very confident that the Federal District court that issued the judgement was correct in its findings and application of the rules of law were accurately applied. The approximately $195M judgement plus interest continues in force and is fully collectible in the absence of a bond filing staying execution of the judgement. The Company has engaged several consultants and special counsel in Brazil to enforce the judgment including acquisition of the plant and collections on the damages.
Aviation Services: The Company continues to develop our patented Aviation Technology of Precision Approach Landing System (PALS) and our Vertical Stacking Air Traffic Management (Patent Pending). Due to Covid and the normally long lead times in dealing with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), The Company believes that developing the systems with an established aircraft operator (Cargo or passenger Airline) or an aircraft manufacturing company will be the quickest way to adopt this technology. Both technologies increase the safety of operating aircraft in today's complex air traffic system.
About Global Digital Solutions, Inc.

Global Digital Solutions, Inc. (OTC:GDSI), a company that is positioning itself as a leader in Automotive and Aviation Technology Solutions, continues to enhance shareholder value in these areas. In addition to our acquisition strategy, the Company has been awarded damages of specific performance and an approximate $195,000,000 in incidental damages in its lawsuit against Grupo Rontan Metalurgica, S. A, ("Rontan") and that company's controlling shareholders, Joao Alberto Bolzan and Jose Carlos Bolzan. Rontan is one of the world's largest manufacturers of original equipment for specialty vehicles for emergency management, first responders, national security, and law enforcement operations. In August of 2019, the Company acquired HarmAlarm. HA was formed in 2002 as a private Texas company to pursue Infrared commercial applications in the aviation services area. HA has developed two systems known as Precision Approach Landing System (PALS) and Vertical Stacking Air Traffic Management (VSAT). PALS and VSAT provides a high performance state of the art enhanced Situation Awareness capability for the pilot and safety and fuel savings for air traffic management. The precision and robustness of PALS has generated a host of new applications mainly through "landing trajectory" optimization which provides additional safety margin against weather related hazardous conditions, such as wind shear, wake turbulence, icing, as well as low ceilings and fog. For more information about GDSI, visit

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