GLM Announces First Prototype of a New "Next Generation 800V Converter Compatible SiC System"

4 August 2020

GLM Co., Ltd., an electric vehicle (EV) developer and marketer in Kyoto , Japan, has announced the next phase of the development of a “Next Generation 800V Converter Compatible SiC (Silicon Carbide) System” featuring a ROHM SiC electrical module, which GLM announced with ROHM at the start of its development in February 2020, and is expected to be mass-produced within 24 next months.

This product incorporates SiC as an electrical element. SiC has significant advantages over IGBT switching technologies, and it is the future of EV powertrains.

It is also the first step in its new 800V architecture, which offers important advantages for the EV system.

This module is a 3-in-1 module that integrates two converters and a PDU (power supply unit). It allows the new converter to be further miniaturized, to be lighter and to have a higher efficiency compared to conventional products.

Also, by supporting 800V system, it helps reduce vehicle weight and charging time when it comes to recharging large capacity battery as EV.

The development of the converter will make it possible to make important advances in the new VE system which is unique to GLM. Going forward, GLM will continue to work towards further growth of the strategic platform by developing new vehicle models and delivery of the EV system. This project is expected to begin mass production in spring 2022, collaborating with engine and battery builders by providing a single point of contact for one of the most advanced EV powertrains in the world.

The EV market is expected to represent 26,951,318 units by 2030 compared to an estimated number of 3,269,671 units in 2019 at a CAGR (average annual growth rate) of 21.1% during the period considered (* 1) .

GLM will continue to develop its business and is in a very good position to benefit from its growth with its parent company, Apollo Future Mobility Group (* 2).


(* 1)

(* 2) The English name of the group was changed and registered from WE Solutions Limited to "Apollo Future Mobility Group" on March 13, 2020