GKN Recommends Original Equipment Auto Replacement Parts

10 November 2020

Driveline specialist GKN Automotive recommends parts from original equipment suppliers when replacing key components such as sideshafts, propshafts or CV joints for a variety of durability, safety and drivability reasons.

"Most vehicle owners tend to select lower-quality, lower-cost replacement parts without considering the numerous benefits provided by premium components, including durability, safety and drivability," notes Frank Hürter, commercial director for GKN Automotive Aftermarket.

Hürter says that premium replacement parts not only are more durable and offer longer service life, but they also can improve vehicle safety and drivability.

Driveline and chassis technologies have improved markedly over the last few years, he adds. Today, more than ever, those key systems can be affected by repairs or the replacement of critical parts.

"The dramatic increase in SUV popularity, for example, adds to the number of vehicles equipped with high-torque engines and sophisticated driveline technology including complex four-wheel-drive systems and multi-link axles," the GKN executive points out. "It is especially important for automotive repair facilities to use parts for these vehicles that do not affect vehicle safety and drivability.

"GKN product development efforts have been instrumental in fulfilling currently accepted active and passive safety standards. If a repair is necessary, it is vitally important to use components that meet original equipment (OE) requirements to maintain overall vehicle performance levels."

Following are examples of GKN Automotive high-performance driveline technologies that are in standard use today:

GKN SX Brand Constant Velocity (CV) Joints – Non-OEM front-axle driveshafts can restrict the maneuverability of four-wheel-drive or front-wheel-drive vehicles as their CV joints limit potential steering angles.

CV joints from GKN Automotive's SX line of parts increase the steering angle of vehicles by up to 10 percent while at the same time transmitting more torque. The increase in maneuverability is achieved with complex technology using counter-running ball tracks with an S-shaped track profile patented by GKN.

If a service garage or a vehicle owner replaces the driveshaft with components that do not have these patented features, the vehicle will no longer have the same turning performance. As a result, the vehicle will be less manageable in urban traffic and handle noticeably worse on country roads.

Adjustable Ballspline Sideshafts – In modern SUV's, complex axles and driveshafts are used to secure road-holding abilities and driving comfort. Crucial for such driveshafts is the ability to support length compensation to guarantee a fluid movement between the steering wheel and the road surface.

To provide adaptability to various road surfaces, GKN has developed driveshaft technology able to adjust its length by up to 70 mm. The driveshaft is equipped with GKN Automotive's innovative ballspline technology which utilizes an axial ball within the sideshaft, thus providing longitudinal shaft displacements up to 70 mm or more. This provides smooth adaption to changing road requirements.

Ballspline sideshafts from GKN Automotive provide driving comfort improvements, contribute to safe on-road performance and are used by numerous manufactures who produce high-power, four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Propshafts – Propshaft design contributes to vehicle safety, even in cases where an accident may be unavoidable. If a vehicle is badly damaged, there is a potential risk of driveline components entering the passenger compartment. For this reason, carmakers demand high levels of propshaft crash safety from their suppliers, particularly for vehicles with long wheelbases.

Propshafts from GKN Automotive include predetermined breaking points that reliably prevent driveline parts from penetrating the vehicle's interior in case of an accident. Additionally, components are engineered to prevent changes in force transmission while maintaining vehicle characteristics.

Propshafts from GKN also can be upgraded with the company's ballspline technology to provide an even greater safety margin due to their adjustable length.

"When repairing vehicles, the only way to fully maintain a vehicle's safety, comfort and drivability characteristics is by consistently using the same component technologies implemented by automakers themselves," Hürter concludes.

About GKN Driveline Service

GKN Driveline Service supplies the global automotive industry's spare parts market with original GKN Automotive drive components to meet customer demand for premium quality sideshafts and components for passenger cars, as well as complete propshafts for SUVs, AWDs and light commercial vehicles. In addition to selling new sideshafts, propshafts, joint and axle boots, GKN Driveline Service has many years of experience in the industrial remanufacture of driveshafts for the spare parts market.

GKN's professional used parts management concept enables the company to offer the largest selection of replacement driveshafts – new and reconditioned – for European and most Japanese and Korean car models. A wide variety of chassis springs and steering components completes its range of parts. Additional information is available at www.gknautomotive.com


Source: prnewswire.com