Future is Bright for First-Ever Class of Walser Scholarship Winners

2 August 2022

Walser Automotive Group’s first-ever class of scholarship winners are thinking big when it comes to their future. Potential careers in law, hospitality, cyber security, occupational therapy, and entrepreneurship are on the horizon for the five winners of Walser’s Driven To Succeed Scholarship Program.

The program, which launched in May 2022, is funded by the Walser Foundation, and supports children and dependents of Walser employees with tuition assistance in the amount of $2,500 toward post-secondary education. Eligible scholars can receive up to $10,000 in lifetime tuition support.

“It’s an honor to connect with these impressive young adults and learn firsthand about the passions and aspirations that drive them,” said Walser Foundation Director Nancy Warner. “We’re proud to see the Walser Foundation make an even deeper impact on these students and our employees.”

The Walser Foundation, which donates over $500,000 annually to nonprofit organizations, also offers a public-facing scholarship to high school students in the cities where Walser operates business. The Walser Driving a Stronger Community scholarship focuses on volunteerism and civic engagement.

The Walser Foundation primarily supports nonprofits focused on education and workforce development, including but not limited to the areas of automotive and transportation. Yet, the Walser Foundation’s board was intentional about broadening the scope of the new scholarship program.

“The automotive industry is an amazing place to grow a career. As a family-run business, we know that firsthand. That said, we’re committed to connecting even further with Walser employees and their families. It’s inspiring to see the children behind our coworkers and understand the things that drive them. We look forward to seeing what this talented group of students does next,” Warner said.

The Driven To Succeed program will open for new applicants in Spring 2023. The program and applicant essays are reviewed and administered by the Minneapolis Foundation.

Walser Automotive Group operates 25 new and preowned dealerships featuring major domestic and luxury brands throughout Minnesota, Kansas, and Illinois.

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