FORO Helps Indiana Make Automotive History Again

28 June 2022

FORO of Atlanta, GA, and their AI-powered Data and Decision Analysis Solution (DDA) for DOTs gain traction. What started in Indiana at the Crossroads of America in 2019 was well-received by recent AASHTO attendees seeking new and innovative ways to work more efficiently and meet or exceed their goals. For many years, Indiana was the center of the automobile industry. Elwood Haynes built one of the first successful automobiles in 1894 and tested it on the Fourth of July in Kokomo. He wanted to show the world that he could do better. 

Fast forward 125 years later to 2019 when the Indiana DOT had the same desire as Elwood Haynes. They wanted to do better like most DOTs do today in tackling their gigantic missions with limited resources and staff. So they asked themselves, what changes can we make or what innovations can we use in order to do better than we're doing right now? INDOT concluded that if they could find a way to spend more time making the best decisions possible to optimize their budgets and maximize their efforts and less time pouring over the mountains of project data they used in order to make those decisions, they could do better. Their answer came in two words, artificial intelligence. 

Enter FORO, a company founded in 2017 with the desire to become a leading facilitator in the improvement of organization, collaboration and decision-making for clients using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Turned out that INDOT the client and FORO the company were the perfect match. "What INDOT was looking to achieve through AI ticked off many of the boxes on what we were looking to deliver to our clients," recalls FORO Founder Brett Boston. "We could not have been more aligned in our goals, which made our collaboration all the better in creating a custom data and decision analysis solution to suit their needs and gain the positive results that we were both looking to achieve through mission-focused AI." 

That was the beginning for FORO's AI-based DDA solutions for DOTs. The word has spread and other DOTs are now doing what started in Indiana in 2017. AI is a critical tool in the private sector, helping corporations to maximize their revenue through improved decision-making and heightened productivity. As data becomes more leveraged in the business world, so too will the adoption of AI-based decision-making in the public sector. 

"The men and women of our nation's departments of transportation have a vital and never-ending job of keeping our roadways open and safe. It is an honor to work with these dedicated professionals and provide a platform tool that saves staff time, taxpayers' money, and keeps the greatest road system on the planet moving," added Boston.