FIC ADD Won the IIA Awards The LBS In-Car Metaverse

3 January 2023

The 2022 International Innovation Awards, organized by Enterprise Asia, announced the winners at the award ceremony in Bangkok on the 16th , Dec. After winning t4e 2021 IIA awards of AR HUD, FIC, the First International Computer from Taiwan, won the product innovation design award again with the ADD by implementing the same projection technology from 3D AR HUD, the LBS Laser Beam Scanning, into the ADD system.The IIA, International Innovation Award, is annually held by Enterprise Asia which is a world-renowned innovation award to be recognized by outstanding innovations across the globe. This year, FIC stood out from exclusive development of the ADD and won the winning prize of IIA Awards among 200 applications. FIC again proves that the LBS projection technology can be widely used in a wild variety in-car metaverse.

"We believe that the continuously success of development in LBS projection technology, giving us confident that in the future LBS will be widely utilized in-car display. Not only for AR HUD, but also for a 360 degree surround window display in car. We are aiming to be a company who has ability to establish the portal of in-car metaverse." said the President of FIC Global, Mr. Leo Chien.

FIC ADD, for now, is market positioned in advertising purpose for car and storefront. For car, through the installation of double-sided projective equipment mounted on the car ceiling, the video images are projected outwards onto the windows, making the windows become multimedia mobile advertising billboards, replacing the traditional advertising sticker on car body, turning the advertisements from static images into dynamic videos, which improves the advertisement exposure rate and attracts more people from street.

For storefront window projection, ADD provides high contrast, high brightness, and low power consumption video graphic images for window projection. By the combination of laser projection with transparent holographic film, ADD window projection advertisement gives the market a new way of choice to advertise their products on the windows of convenient stores and supermarkets. The exciting part is that FIC ADD will be presented for the first time at the CES in Las Vegas this week.

Thanks to the FIC ADD LBS technology, the augmented reality world will no longer be far away from our lives. Believing that in the nearly future, FIC ADD will be embedded in cars and storefronts to make us the better world of living.