Faraday partners with Arm to innovate AI-powered vehicle ASICs

23 April 2024

Faraday Technology Corporation a leading provider of ASIC design services and IP solutions, has announced the latest Arm® Automotive Enhanced (AE) The company announced that it will leverage its technology to license the Cortex® -A720AE IP to drive the development of AI-enabled automotive ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits) with a focus on safety, efficiency, and quality.

Since 2002, Faraday has been a global Arm licensee and is now a key partner in the Arm Automotive ecosystem in addition to being a key partner in the Arm Total Design ecosystem. With over 20 years of expertise in Arm-based SoC design and subsystem integration, Faraday has hundreds of successful projects and is well-versed in hardening and performance optimization of Arm-based SoCs.

Additionally, in addition to our own IP portfolio, Faraday also has extensive IP integration expertise, allowing us to quickly leverage third-party IP in your SoC designs. We also provide robust design implementation services across major foundries, from mature processes to cutting-edge FinFET process nodes. With a flexible business model, Faraday is committed to providing high-standard, high-quality ASIC chips that are custom-made to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

“We are excited to be part of the Arm Automotive ecosystem,” said Flash Lin, COO of Faraday. “As the first ASIC design service provider to be ISO26262 certified and deliver ultra-low DPPM quality in high-volume production of automotive chips, Faraday is now leveraging Arm's AE technology to deliver next-generation automotive ICs at advanced nodes. We meet the strict requirements of our customers and respond to their specific needs.”

“Keeping up with the significant changes in the automotive industry requires balancing greater computing power with cutting-edge safety and efficiency,” said Arm's senior vice president and general manager of the Automotive business unit. says one Dipti Vachani. “By joining the Arm automotive ecosystem, Faraday is leveraging the Cortex-A720AE, the first automotive high-performance Armv9 A-class CPU, to innovate by addressing the demands of software-defined vehicles (SDV). We will continue to push forward.”

About Faraday

Faraday Technology (TWSE: 3035) is dedicated to our mission of benefiting humanity and supporting sustainable values ​​in all of our ICs. We offer comprehensive ASIC solutions, including total 3DIC packaging, Neoverse CSS design, FPGA-Go-ASIC, and design implementation services. Our broad silicon IP portfolio includes I/O, cell libraries, memory compilers, ARM-compliant CPUs, LPDDR4/4X, DDR4/3, MIPI D-PHY, V-by-One, USB 3.1/2.0, 10 Diverse offerings include /100 Ethernet, Giga Ethernet, SATA3/2, PCIe Gen4/3, SerDes, and more. For more information, please visit www.faraday-tech.com or LinkedIn .

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