ExxonMobil releases Mobil EV ™ for battery-powered electric vehicles

17 September 2019

ExxonMobil today announced the global release of its Mobil EV ™ product at the 2019 IAA. This full suite of fluids and greases meets the evolving drivetrain requirements of battery-powered electric vehicles. By 2040, bra-ins hybrid cars, battery-powered electric vehicles, the sum of the fuel cell vehicles, has been predicted that more than 20 percent of lightweight vehicles in the world 1 .

“We are pleased to announce that this is the case,” said Lass Green, vice president of lubricant products at ExxonMobil. “With mobility changing, electric vehicles are becoming a big part of that movement. Customers and OEMs want to optimize the mileage and safety performance of electric vehicles, and ExxonMobil We are in a unique position to deliver benefits, and we are planning to develop products and service solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers, and that is just the beginning. ”

The Mobil EV product suite is designed to equally address the needs of manufacturers and drivers for electric vehicle mobility, with carefully selected and mixed molecules to extend the charging interval of battery-powered electric vehicles and extend component life. To improve operational safety. Mobil EV products cover all battery-powered electric vehicles and include:

Mobil EV Therm ™ Series: This thermal management fluid is formulated to efficiently remove heat and extend the life of equipment in applications such as batteries, electric motors, and power electronics.
Mobil EV Drivee ™ Seris: This electric vehicle reduction gearbox lubricant is designed to protect gears and bearings from wear and extend their useful life.
Mobil EV Cool Drive ™ Series: This electric motor integrated fluidic for electric vehicle reduction gearboxes is designed to cool the electric motor and power electronics while lubricating the gears and bearings.
Mobil EV Grease ™ product: This electric vehicle product protects e-motors, bearings, and constant velocity joints under a wide range of operating conditions to ensure performance and reliability.

Based on more than 135 years of experience, ExxonMobil uses its fluid technology and equipment management expertise to strive to develop electric vehicles for customers that can provide superior driving experiences for automotive and component manufacturers. doing.

This product release follows the recent expansion of our partnership with Porsche to work with Porsche in the Formula E series for the 2019-2020 season . With this expansion, ExxonMobil will enter the electric motorsport for the first time. ExxonMobil will provide Porsche with a mobile brand of high-performance electric powertrain fluids specially developed to meet the specific requirements of electric vehicles such as conductivity, cooling function and material compatibility.

For more information , please visit www.mobilev.com

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1 2019 Energy Outlook: Forecast to 2040, ExxonMobil, 2019

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