Extended aftermarket application program: KW V3 coilover kit for OEM air suspension

6 June 2023

In the mid-size luxury and executive cars segment, more and more cars are being built with air suspension. Some cars feature air suspension on both axles, while others, like the BMW 6-series Gran Turismo (G32), have air suspension only on the rear axle. Aftermarket suspension manufacturer KW automotive has now redeveloped its KW V3 coilover suspension kits for cars with OEM air suspension, also known as air springs. By installing the KW V3 coilover kit in a BMW 6-series GT (G32), the OEM air spring on the rear axle is mounted directly to the stainless steel KW strut. In the future, KW automotive will also develop its well-known KW V3 coilover kits for other cars with air suspension. The approved adjustable lowering of the KW V3 for the BMW 6-series GT (G32) with rear-wheel drive is up to 55 millimeters. For further information, please visit www.kwsuspensions.net.

In the past, suspension manufacturer KW automotive has offered various suspension systems in its product range for vehicles with rear axle level control. In older BMW models, such as the BMW 5-series wagons of the E39 and E61 series, the air suspension and rear shock absorber were separate components. However, in current vehicles, this is often no longer the case. In the BMW 6-series GT (G32), the rear axle strut and the OEM air spring are now integrated into a single unit. "In our development vehicle, the owner attempted to achieve a lowered stance by installing lowering springs on the front axle and using shortened link rods on the rear axle level sensor. Due to the higher spring rate of the air suspension, which increases further during compression, the stock rear dampers were overwhelmed. Despite the moderate lowering, there was no free suspension travel left, and the chassis was resting on the bump stop," says KW Brand Manager Florian Johann.

KW Shock Absorbers Engineered for Air Springs

The rear axle of the BMW 6 Series GT (G32) now utilizes KW stainless steel struts specifically developed for the OEM air suspension. The KW struts lengths are optimized and equipped with integrated rebound sleeves to reduce the extension travel, allowing the attached stock air spring to operate within its optimal range. The stock air spring is positioned appropriately on the KW damper to further optimize the new setup. Additionally, special elastomer bump stops are included. To facilitate installation at any automotive workshop or certified KW dealer, the KW V3 coilover kit for the BMW 6-series GT (G32) includes specialized tools for removing the stock air springs.

Like the renowned KW V3 coilover suspension kits with conventional coil springs, the KW V3 dampers for the BMW 6-series GT (G32) equipped with OEM air suspension offer independent adjustment of compression and rebound forces. The low-speed rebound bypass valve, which allows precise tuning of the handling, can be adjusted in 16 stages. The rebound damping affects how the suspension rebounds when compressed and also has an effect on the chassis connection with the road surface. Additionally, the cross-section of the low-speed compression damping valve can be adjusted in twelve click settings to customize damping during compression. The compression damping influences the speed at which the piston rod is immersed into the damper, thereby affecting steering response, pitch, and body roll. "We received enthusiastic feedback from our customer who provided us with their BMW 6-series GT as a development vehicle," adds KW Brand Manager Florian Johann. "Many underestimate the positive impact of high-quality damper hydraulics on driving behavior and the fact that enhanced driving dynamics and comfort are not mutually exclusive." The stepless lowering of the vehicle is adjusted on the front axle via the adjustable spring perch on the stainless steel strut housing. On the driven axle, the lowering is achieved through adjustable link rods. The approved lowering range is 30 to 55 millimeters on the front axle and 25 to 55 millimeters on the rear axle. Currently, this KW V3 coilover suspension is exclusively available for BMW 6 Series GT (G32) models with rear-wheel drive. The photos shows BBS CI-R Unlimited alloy wheels in 9.5 x 21 inches and 11 x 21 inches mounted in conjunction with Goodyear Eagle F1 tires in 265/35 R21 and 295/30 R21. For further information, please visit www.kwsuspensions.net.

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