Existing ADAS Cars Just Got Smarter at CES 2024 with Mapbox Autopilot Services

11 January 2024

Mapbox, the automotive location platform, today launched deep integration for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) L2+ across its Autopilot Map, 3D Live Navigation, and MapGPT technologies, making current and future assisted driving systems smarter, safer, and easier to use with greater hands-free driving coverage than ever before. Mapbox Autopilot Services is now available for OEMs to integrate into current vehicles equipped with existing ADAS sensors via an over-the-air update, with no additional hardware required.

Autopilot and ADAS systems in vehicles have long grappled with critical issues such as coverage, communication, safety, and ease of use. Autopilots can stop working suddenly because of missing or stale HD map data, poor understanding of local road features like turn regulations and traffic signs, and perception models that struggle in low lighting conditions. Most autopilots today do not connect to navigation systems, so they don't know where to go and must rely on manual input for direction. To make matters worse, failures can be confusing and dangerous because vehicles do not clearly explain to drivers at which points autopilots will disengage and why.

All this is changing with Mapbox Autopilot Services, a new offering that brings together advanced Mapbox technologies into one fully integrated solution. First, the Autopilot Map greatly expands the coverage and capability of L2+ systems with industry-leading road class coverage from highways down to tertiary roads and a daily refresh rate. Second, Mapbox 3D Live Navigation synchronizes routing with ADAS perception to visualize maneuver plans intuitively on 3D lane level maps. Finally, MapGPT provides full hands-free control and clear communication of ADAS driving through plain, conversational voice interactions. These Mapbox services now connect with in-vehicle sensors and drive-by-wire systems, delivering a safer and more capable ADAS experience that makes it easy for drivers to understand what the car is doing and why.

A live map built to power Autopilot from highway to doorway
The Mapbox Autopilot Map now extends the range and capability of existing L2+ vehicles with over 25 new map data attributes, including lane centerlines, boundaries, speed limits, curvature, and signs. It brings a combination of full coverage of highways down to tertiary roads and daily over-the-air data refreshes, ensuring ADAS systems can rely upon the HD map data as a source of up-to-date information about changes in the road and lane layout, speed limits, turn restrictions, and other changes added to ADAS availability. In addition, the Mapbox Localization and Perception layers make it possible to drive in adverse weather and lighting conditions, reducing the number of disengagements.

3D Live Navigation: ADAS that knows your destination
Most ADAS systems can assist drivers with basic speed control and lane keeping tasks but fall short whenever the road poses the simple question: where is the driver headed? Forks and highway exits are frequent sources of driver frustration, causing ADAS systems to mistakenly make the wrong maneuvers. Mapbox 3D Live Navigation addresses these issues by integrating the vehicle's ADAS and drive-control systems directly with detailed lane-level navigation, live object detections from sensors, and planning of appropriate lane-level maneuvers required to navigate the driver from point A to point B.

Mapbox 3D Live Navigation presents the drive plan and live vehicle sensor detections with a precise and detailed 3D map including traffic signs, lights, trees, bridges and landmarks–helping drivers understand exactly where and when the autopilot system will make maneuvers or will need the driver's intervention at a glance.

A voice interface for self-driving systems
To enhance communication, MapGPT employs voice and visual prompts to explain vehicle actions, and drivers can verbally direct the car to take specific routes. Instead of cryptic dashboard icons or red steering wheel LEDs, MapGPT informs drivers in plain conversational language on how the ADAS system is performing and why. Instead of sudden and mysterious disengagements, MapGPT makes it clear to drivers when the system requires their assistance.

"In 2023, Mapbox introduced our AI navigation assistant MapGPT, a location AI Navigation Assistant, allowing drivers to control navigation and infotainment through completely natural conversation. This week, we're thrilled to announce deep integration of L2+ driving systems with MapGPT, eliminating the black box of autopilot driving systems," stated Young Hahn, Chief Technology Officer at Mapbox. "MapGPT enables two-way communication between the vehicle and driver - even through challenging driving conditions like construction zones - making ADAS driving safer, trusted, and enjoyable."

The future of ADAS driving available in today's vehicles
The latest integrated Autopilot driving experience from Mapbox is the future of ADAS L2+ and available for deployment into vehicles on the road today. Mapbox Autopilot Services is also available through an integrated software stack that can run on a single SOC, greatly reducing the complexity of architecture, integration, and cost for OEMs. This new offering transforms what's possible for OEMs, enabling them to deliver the next generation of ADAS and navigation to millions of customers today instead of years in the future.

About Mapbox
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