Exicom Expands in Southeast Asia, Partners with INNOPOWER Co. Ltd. for Exclusive Distribution in Thailand

19 January 2024

Exicom, an Indian EV charger manufacturer, was amongst the first entrants in the EV Charger manufacturing segment in India and partnerships with global automotive players, today declared a distribution agreement with INNOPOWER Company Limited, an energy innovations company in Thailand. This alliance is set to impact Thailand's electric vehicle market, with Innopower handling the distribution of Exicom's AC/DC chargers. This strategic move enhances Exicom's foothold in the Southeast Asian market through the establishment of a local sales and distribution network.

Exicom’s entry into Thailand marks a significant step in promoting streamlined EV charging solutions committed to enhancing its supporting infrastructure. This aligns with Thailand's goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, driven by the government's robust emphasis on e-mobility initiatives and dedicated efforts in EV development and supporting infrastructure.

The partnership between Exicom and INNOPOWER, announced during a signing ceremony, signified the start of this alliance, with the installation of six 30kW chargers. INNOPOWER’s role extends beyond distribution, encompassing promotion, marketing, and sales of Exicom's products across Thailand. To bolster its international presence, Exicom has also set up a local sales and distribution network consisting of members across India and Southeast Asia. Exicom is expanding its global footprint by diversifying its product portfolio, making strides in new regions as well as digitization of the internal processes.

Mr. Anant Nahata, Managing Director of Exicom, remarked, “Recognizing the Southeast Asia’s immense potential for EV growth, our experience as a leading Indian EV charger manufacturer uniquely positions us to meet the region's increasing demand. Our alliance with INNOPOWER, rooted in shared goals for sustainable mobility, is set to significantly boost both companies' growth. Drawing on the nation's technological advancements, our advanced EV chargers exemplifies the high-quality innovations, designed to make a significant impact on the global stage. As we extend our influence, our goal remains clear – to shape a future where sustainable mobility is the norm, not just in Thailand, but resonating globally.”

INNOPOWER, a joint venture of Thailand's top energy firms including the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, Ratch Group Public Company Limited, and the Electricity Generating Public Company Limited or EGCO Group, specializes in innovative energy solutions. With over 50 years of collective experience, the company is primed to invest in sustainable energy initiatives worldwide and this recent partnership with Exicom marks a significant stride in this visionary journey.

"We are very excited to partner with Exicom. They stand out to us in terms of reliability and affordability, making it an excellent practical choice for our customers in Thailand. With our in-depth understanding of the EV charger market in Thailand, we aim to assist Exicom in growing their network to reach a broader range of customers, including fleet and private vehicle owners. This partnership marks a significant step forward in our commitment to promoting clean mobility solutions and contributing to the sustainable development of the EV ecosystem in Thailand," said Mr. Athip Tantivorawong, Chief Executive Officer of INNOPOWER.

Hailing from India, Exicom’s early mover-and-learner advantage, paired with the vertically integrated operations, R&D capabilities, and diversified portfolio of EV Chargers, positions Exicom to benefit from growth in the EV Charger industry in India and globally. With their robust chargers that withstand harsh environmental and electrical conditions, Exicom offers a comprehensive range of electric vehicle chargers. Additionally, the company’s mobile application SPIN Control allows residential end-users with intuitive interface with features such as remote charger operation, analytics, smart device compatibility and auto-charging scheduling.

Exicom's partnership with INNOPOWER is an endeavour towards simplified, reliable, and convenient EV charging solutions in Thailand.

About Exicom:

Exicom is a global leader in providing critical power solutions and EV charging solutions in over 10 countries. Exicom, amongst the first entrants in the EV Chargers manufacturing segment in India, are now making a significant impact in Europe, the UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Middle East. Exicom’s product range spans from 3.3kW to 360kW, supported by three manufacturing units, two in-house R&D facilities, and supporting service network.

Learn more about how energy innovations are the future at https://www.exicom-ps.com/


Established in 2022, INNOPOWER is making waves in Thailand's sustainability landscape. A joint venture of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), RATCH Group, and The Electricity Generating Public Company Limited (EGCO), INNOPOWER is at the forefront of decarbonization, energy innovation, and green technologies with the mission to accelerate Thailand's transition to clean energy and drive innovation in the energy and tech sectors.

Learn more about how energy innovations are the future at www.innopower.co.th

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