EVject Raises Awareness of Critical Safety Threats at EV Charging Stations

29 March 2023

EVject, an electric vehicle accessory company, identified a major safety threat in the EV charging industry that has been overlooked by many EV and charging station manufacturers. The problem is that EVs cannot drive away from charging stations without human intervention at the charging port. This poses a significant safety risk, especially in emergency situations such as electric fires, flash floods, burglaries, wildlife altercations, and more.

“As more and more drivers switch to electric vehicles, it is critical we address the safety issues that come with this transition,” says Jeremy Carter, spokesperson for EVject. “The White House's recent release regarding EV charging standards focused on convenience and reliability. But shouldn’t we primarily be concerned with safety and security when it comes to EV standards?”

EV manufacturers implemented a locking mechanism inside the charging port to avoid involuntary unplugging and promote electrical safety while an EV is charging. The EV software logic immobilizes the car by blocking its ability to shift out of Park while charging. Although this solution ensures the security of the charging process, it traps drivers and passengers inside an immobile vehicle during threatening situations at charging stations. To escape danger, the driver must first exit the vehicle, manually unplug the cable, then return to the driver's seat to shift into Drive and leave.

EVject warns that this problem is not specific to a single EV brand, and thus urges all EV and charging-station manufacturers to take immediate action to resolve these critical safety issues. EV drivers and their passengers should have access to a safe and secure charging environment that allows them to escape in case of an emergency. EVject is committed to working with EV manufacturers and other stakeholders to develop solutions that increase EV safety.

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