EVB Boosts EV Industry in the Nordic Region with Latest Solutions at Nordic EV Summit

6 April 2024

EVB, a sub-brand of Beny dedicated to smart EV charging solutions, showcased its latest products and technologies at the Nordic EV Summit held in Oslo, Norway. At this summit, EVB emphasized its integrated solutions for both AC and DC charging, along with solar and energy storage, aimed at advancing the development of electric vehicles in the Nordic region.

To meet the rapidly growing demand for EV charging in the Nordic region, EVB has developed products tailored to market needs, covering both residential and commercial sectors, offering users an intelligent and worry-free charging experience. Among these, the BCP series smart EV chargers stand out for their compact size and versatile functionality, with notable compatibility with OCPP standards. This enables remote interaction, allowing users to control and manage chargers directly through a mobile app, anytime and anywhere, greatly enhancing user experience.

In the commercial sector, EVB's floor-mounted AC EV charger has garnered great attention. It is equipped with features such as human body sensing, temperature monitoring, and WPS Wi-Fi connectivity. Its dual-socket design not only improves space utilization but also enables two vehicles to charge simultaneously. The DLB function also enhances charging station management by intelligently distributing the charging power.

Furthermore, the Nordic region boasts abundant solar energy resources. Taking Norway as an example, its annual photovoltaic power generation can reach 1044.9 kilowatt-hours per square meter. The local photovoltaic market has seen rapid growth in recent years, with approximately 300 megawatts of added installation capacity in 2023. In this context, EVB's "PV + energy storage + EV charging" solution not only realizes self-generation and consumption but also energy storage during off-peak hours, ensuring continuous business operation and grid stability. Additionally, EVB's charging stations can also obtain electricity from the grid or energy storage systems, improving energy utilization.

Jundan Wang, General Manager of EVB, stated, "We are pleased to participate in the Nordic EV Summit and showcase our integrated solutions, which greatly meet both home and business user demands." EVB looks forward to collaborating with more Nordic partners to provide more convenient and efficient solutions, fully leveraging solar energy resources and contributing to the development of the EV industry.

For more information, please visit www.evb.com or contact [email protected].