Eramet and Vibrantz Technologies enter into long-term agreement to supply manganese ore for the production of manganese-based battery technologies for electric vehicles

20 December 2023

Eramet and Vibrantz Technologies today announced a 10-year agreement under which Eramet will supply manganese ore to Vibrantz. Manganese ore is a key raw material used in Vibrantz's portfolio of manganese technologies for lithium-ion batteries and other applications.

The agreement is another important step by both companies in their commitment to social responsibility and the transition to a lower-emissions future. It builds on the 20-year partnership between Eramet and Vibrantz to provide a reliable route for the production of manganese sulfate, which is used in the manufacture of batteries. Eramet will source the manganese ore from its mine in Gabon, which will undergo the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) audit process to align operations with international best practices.

“This agreement confirms Eramet’s ability to meet the expectations of its customers and partners and win their loyalty by supplying quality ores mined under responsible conditions,” reports Christel Bories, Chairman and CEO of Eramet. “Eramet is excellently positioned to become a key responsible member of the battery value chain with its long-term, high-grade deposits of strategic metals such as manganese in Gabon, lithium in Centenario (Argentina) and nickel and cobalt in Weda Bay (Indonesia),” according to Bories aims for Eramet to subject all of its locations to the IRMA audit process by 2026.

This announcement follows Vibrantz's announcement that it will build a pilot plant to process battery-grade high purity manganese sulfate (HPMSM) at its site in Tampico, Mexico.

“We are committed to our ongoing partnership with Eramet as we strive to become a sustainable, best-in-class provider of specialty chemicals and materials solutions,” said D. Michael Wilson, President and CEO of Vibrantz. “This agreement helps Vibrantz build on both companies' 50 years of manganese chemistry experience as we work to make environmentally friendly vehicles a reality for millions of consumers.” Wilson added the recent investments in HPMSM capabilities continued to be positively received by the market by battery manufacturers and automotive original equipment manufacturers.

Find out more about Eramet's activities here and find out about Vibrantz's proven manganese technologies used in batteries, agriculture, construction, electronics and water treatment.

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Vibrantz is a global leader in specialty chemicals and materials that bring color, performance and temperament to life. Our products and technologies are used by more than 11,000 customers in a variety of applications and find their way into countless consumer products. With its core competencies in particle technology, glass and ceramic research and color technology, Vibrantz is an industry leader in specialty mineral and chemical additives for batteries, electronic components and the construction sector, pigments for paints and varnishes, thermoset and thermoplastics as well as high-performance glass coatings and porcelain enamel solutions . The company, headquartered in Houston, Texas, employs around 5,000 people and operates 65 production facilities on six continents.

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