EC Electric and LOVETT Inc. Forge Path for Next-Generation EV Charging Solutions in Partnership with Ron Tonkin Auto

15 November 2023

In a groundbreaking collaboration, EC Electric, a trailblazing electric infrastructure solutions provider, and LOVETT Inc., a leading expert in horizontal directional drilling throughout the northwest, are thrilled to announce their partnership aimed at revolutionizing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Their inaugural project focuses on the Ron Tonkin Auto, a prominent network of automotive dealerships in the Portland metro area.

EC Electric, renowned for its cutting-edge EV infrastructure solutions, has teamed up with LOVETT Inc. to introduce an innovative approach to EV charging station installations. This approach leverages state-of-the-art horizontal directional drilling techniques, ensuring the precise and efficient deployment of EV charging infrastructure.

Ron Tonkin Auto is making a bold stride towards embracing the electric mobility revolution. By joining forces with EC Electric and LOVETT Inc., this distinguished dealership is poised to offer state-of-the-art electric vehicles. This strategic initiative underscores the dealership's unwavering commitment to sustainability and its dedication to catering to the burgeoning EV market. In line with this commitment, the dealership aims to provide customers with convenient and dependable access to charging options as part of their end-to-end customer solution.

The collaboration among EC Electric, LOVETT Inc., and Ron Tonkin Auto signifies a momentous leap forward in the electrification of transportation in Portland, Oregon. It epitomizes the pivotal role that strategic partnerships play in expediting the adoption of electric vehicles and the growth of sustainable transportation solutions.

This venture promises not only to accelerate the transition to electric mobility but also to set a new standard for the seamless integration of EV charging infrastructure into existing properties.


"Leading the charge on an EV charging installation is not just about electrifying our future; it's about igniting a partnership founded on the values of providing real practical solutions, all without impacting our clients daily operations. Together with partners like LOVETT and customers like Tonkin Automotive, we dig deep into the potential of sustainable transportation, forging an energized path for generations to come."


"Thanks to the team from EC Electric, our dealership is now EV ready. The chargers they installed have provided customers and employees a means to charge EV's but also helps us work towards our goals of commitment to sustainability and innovation. The crews from EC and LOVETT worked hard together to make sure there were no impacts to our occupied dealership during the project construction. The job site was left clean and professional. Your partnership and expertise made it a seamless experience, highly recommend this team!"


Gary Cosmer, Chief Executive Officer of LOVETT Inc., emphasizes the transformative impact of their approach: "Installing EV charging stations can often pose challenges, especially when retrofitting existing properties. The final stretch of installation, typically requiring trenching and digging, can disrupt business operations. Leveraging our directional drilling capabilities and expertise, we minimize, if not eliminate, these disruptions by completing our work underground. This breakthrough approach promises to revolutionize installation speed and overall project cost."

EC Electric is a leading provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure solutions, specializing in installations and operations that drive the transition to sustainable transportation. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, EC Electric is at the forefront of the EV revolution. More than seventy years ago EC opened our doors with our first customer, a paper mill in Camas, Washington. We are still servicing that mill today. EC is one of the largest privately held electrical contractors in the Pacific Northwest with offices in Albany, Bay City, Eugene/Springfield, Portland, Redmond, and Seattle. We offer turnkey electrical construction solutions regardless of project scope or size.

Ron Tonkin Auto Group is a respected dealership in Portland, Oregon, known for its extensive selection of vehicles and commitment to customer satisfaction. With a legacy of excellence, they are taking proactive steps to embrace electric mobility and provide customers with the latest in sustainable transportation options. Since 1960 the Tonkin Auto Group Family has been bringing quality vehicles to families all over the N.W. Now home to 16 different locations and brands Tonkin's diverse line of vehicles has something new or used for everyone. In 2017 Ron Tonkin Auto sold to Gee Automotive of Spokane, Washington becoming one of the largest auto groups on the West Coast.

Lovett is a construction services company providing excavation, directional drilling, plumbing, drain cleaning, vac-truck, stormwater services and mitigation services. The company serves the greater Portland and SW Washington metro areas by providing a multitude of construction services specializing in emergency services, project consultation, building maintenance, service repair and installation.

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