Eaton Vehicle Group starts the design, development and manufacturing of E-Drive gears for electric vehicles

24 February 2021

Power management company Eaton (Eaton) today announced that its Vehicle Group (Vehicle Group) is an electric vehicle (EV) development geared solutions . The Vehicle Group uses its expertise in the production of transmissions and contract manufacturing gear sets for passenger cars and commercial vehicles to become a global leader in the design, development and supply of reduction gears for electric vehicles. This new technology complements Eaton’s eMobility power electronics portfolio in the electric vehicle powertrain market.

Eaton meets the challenge of electric vehicles

Automakers face many challenges when developing electric vehicles, such as optimizing efficiency, weight, noise, vibration and roughness (NVH) and coping with packaging constraints. Eaton can help manufacturers meet these challenges by applying its years of experience and internal capabilities in the design, verification and manufacture of high-precision, high-quality gear systems for transmissions and powertrains.

Anthony Cronin, Head of Electric Vehicle Gear Transmission Technology, Eaton Vehicle Group, said: "We are working with OEM customers to use our expertise in simulation, design and manufacturing to optimize the efficiency, NVH and weight of high-precision gear transmission systems to suit specific client needs."

Whether it is a large-scale industrialization project or a niche market application, Eaton can work with customers to carry out joint development projects, or as a single service provider for electric vehicle reduction gear components or systems. Eaton’s expertise in design and manufacturing enables us to optimize solutions from technical, commercial and production aspects, reduce the risk of multiple iterations of design and shorten development time.

Eaton transmission experience drives efficiency

Eaton uses advanced tools and internal expertise to conduct overall system analysis to design electric vehicle gear solutions with optimized efficiency and reliability, low noise and low manufacturing costs. When designing for specific customer needs, a system-wide approach is essential because there are several factors that can influence the development of transmission solutions. Among these factors, the most important are gears, bearings and lubrication systems. In order to achieve optimization in these three areas, Eaton has applied a series of internal design and manufacturing technologies, including:

  • The gear root geometry is optimized for maximum strength. ‚Äč
  • Micro and macro gear geometry modeling to improve NVH, efficiency and reliability.
  • Thrust load and bearing loss are minimized to improve reliability and simplify or reduce bearing size.
  • Simulation and selection of lubrication solutions to improve the reliability and efficiency of the entire system.

Optimize transmission and reduce development cost

Eaton engineers evaluate the existing layout or develop a "clean-sheet" solution to meet customer packaging requirements. The Eaton team also provides solutions for platforms with multiple torque requirements to expand the gear layout of electric vehicles.

By combining system design expertise with manufacturing expertise in high-quality precision gears, Eaton has identified opportunities to increase gear system efficiency by up to 1%, reduce weight by up to 20%, and reduce size by up to 10%. These features can be applied to light-duty and commercial electric vehicles.

In addition, Eaton can manage the relative production costs of high-quality precision gears by using manufacturing expertise including power honing, power scraping, grinding and super finishing. For electric vehicles, even small efficiency improvements provide automakers with new opportunities to manage vehicle driving range or improve cost and weight.

Cronin said: "The development of electric vehicles is driving the development of electric vehicle gear technology. A reliable, efficient and quiet gear transmission system is essential for the application of high-speed motors in electric drives."

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