Eaton to Showcase Innovative Technologies for Electric Utility Vehicles at IAA Transportation

9 September 2022

Energy management company Eaton will showcase technologies supporting the commercial vehicle market's zero-emissions journey at the IAA Transportation show, May 20-25 . September in Hannover, Germany.

"We're helping our customers around the world with technologies that solve some of the biggest challenges in the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem," said Scott Adams, president of Eaton's eMobility business. “Eaton offers a broad portfolio of EV technologies for battery-only, fuel cell and hybrid electric utility vehicles, as well as EV charging infrastructure solutions. »

Flexible power distribution unit provides safe power for utility electric vehicles

Eaton's eMobility division offers a new flexible power distribution unit (PDU) for high-voltage electric utility vehicles, specifically designed to handle multiple charging requirements.

The flexible PDU incorporates Eaton's Breaktor® circuit protection technology , which improves vehicle safety and protects components from any level of overcurrent more effectively than traditional circuit protection methods. The Breaktor circuit protection solution is resettable like a circuit breaker, allowing the device to be reactivated following a functional check and reducing the cost for both the OEM and the consumer.

The flexible PDU also leverages waterproof, corrosion-resistant terminals and connectors from Royal Power Solutions, a global leader in power distribution and transmission solutions acquired by Eaton this year. Eaton 's Bussmann® line of fuses are also incorporated to meet requirements for use in the latest high power electric vehicles, offering ratings up to 1000 volts direct current (VDC) and 600 amps.

Eaton's flexible PDU protects vital components and occupants, it's also an intelligent unit that provides OEM diagnostic information, especially where the most power is consumed, to maximize performance and efficiency. Its integrated and optimized design reduces the number of components, thus reducing complexity.

Transmissions and gears for electric vehicles improve performance and range

Eaton's new 4-speed transmissions provide superior performance on grades and acceleration for electric utility vehicles, while offering more flexible gear ratios than competing technologies. Compact 4-speed transmissions for medium and heavy-duty electric utility vehicles also improve system efficiency, enabling longer vehicle range and battery life.

“We supply transmissions to many global commercial vehicle manufacturers, and many more are interested,” Adams said. “Building on decades of experience, we continue to build on our heritage as a premier supplier of commercial vehicle transmissions. »

DC-DC converters available in a variety of electrical configurations

Eaton recently introduced a 48-volt DC-DC converter intended to power accessories like anti-lock brakes and commercial vehicle lights with 48-volt electrical systems. Unlike competitive offerings, Eaton's DC-DC converters are operational in ambient temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius and boast a design efficiency of 97%.

Eaton's range of DC-DC converters covers a spectrum of power requirements, from low to high voltage systems, depending on customer specifications. The converters can be tuned for particular duty cycles thanks to their advanced digitally controlled architecture, allowing flexible control modes through firmware adaptation.

Acquisition of Green Motion Strengthens Eaton's Vehicle Charging Capabilities

In March 2021, Eaton acquired Switzerland-based Green Motion SA , a leading designer and manufacturer of electric vehicle charging hardware and related software. Eaton's expertise in efficient electric vehicle charging infrastructure includes the production and operation of charging stations, the design of management software for charging networks and the provision of services for electric mobility.

'Buildings as a Grid' strategy expands charging possibilities

Many workplaces have fleets of vehicles, such as cars for the sales force and vans for deliveries. Fleet managers switching to EVs, now or in the future, will want to electrify their fleet while ensuring business continuity. Eaton 's Buildings as a Grid approach helps fleet managers craft an EV charging strategy that's quick to implement, cyber-secure and scalable, so they can add more EV charging capacity. VE when needed.

The strategy may include EV charging infrastructure at their site or depot, on-site renewables such as solar panels on buildings, and options for drivers of vehicles in a fleet to charge at home and while on the go. shift. Eaton's digital and physical infrastructure transforms a workplace or depot into an energy platform and, as it is a gateway for the electrification of all site functionality, it is also an investment in the energy transition.

Eaton is an intelligent energy management company dedicated to improving the quality of life and protecting the environment for people, everywhere. Eaton is driven by its commitment to doing business right, operating sustainably, and helping customers manage energy - today and for the long term. By capitalizing on global growth trends in electrification and digitalization, Eaton is accelerating the planet's transition to renewable energy, helping to address the world's most pressing energy management challenges, and does what is best for its partners and society as a whole.

Founded in 1911, Eaton's has been listed on the NYSE for nearly a century. The company posted revenue of $19.6 billion in 2021 and serves customers in more than 170 countries. For more information, please visit . Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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