Eaton launches new product line for wireless mobile operation solutions for heavy equipment and field work

17 August 2020

Power management company Eaton introduced a new and improved product line for its eMobility business. This is the Eaton OMNEX Trusted Wireless™ mobile operating solution for heavy equipment and field operations. This 900 MHz interactive remote control unit allows you to wirelessly operate high value equipment in harsh environments such as mining, construction, agriculture, locomotives and marine markets.

“Our next-generation, robust, weatherproof OMNEX wireless controller is designed with customer feedback in mind, offering a number of benefits including increased safety and productivity for equipment operators. We've made improvements to reliability and connectivity that have always been superior to our competitors, and we continue to develop wireless technology in these areas,” said Scott, Eton's eMobility Business President. · Adams says.

At construction sites, it is possible to operate heavy equipment such as suction trucks, towing trucks, mixer trucks, and crane trucks with a wireless controller. Remote control has several benefits, such as reducing the number of people on site and eliminating the need for workers in hazardous areas. The new unit has a maximum range of 1650 feet and can program a wide range of tasks. For example, workers can remotely control boom functions, rotate mixers, and move cranes up and down, all from a safe location. The wireless controls can also be programmed to provide feedback via on-screen display, tactile feedback, and light emitting diode emission patterns. This feature can be used to signal the operator when the crane is fully extended or to display the trailer payload.

This unit is applied with Eaton's proprietary cyber security protocol to prevent the signal from being taken over from the outside, and the advanced control algorithm ensures fail-safe operation. Each controller can be programmed to connect to a vehicle equipped with a receiver, which is installed in the electronics of the vehicle or equipment to be remotely controlled.

The radio controls are ingress protection code 65, 67 (IP65, IP67) rated so they are "dustproof" and protected against sprinkling and continuous submersion. The design has also been improved to improve shape, fit and functionality, making it easier to hold and operate. The new operating unit also has improved performance with updated wireless features and lithium-ion batteries.

Eaton's new wireless lineup offers customers flexible solutions, available in the following models:

  • Handheld TD110
  • Handheld TD1140 with optional E-Stop
  • Pistol grip TD2100
  • Small Berry Pack TD3100

A 2.4 GHz version will be released later this year, as well as a 900 MHz two-way wireless remote control unit. For more information, visit .

Eaton's eMobility business was formed by combining Eaton's electric and vehicle business products, expertise and global manufacturing capabilities. Eaton plans to further develop new products and technologies, including smart diagnostics, intelligent power electronics and predictive health monitoring systems. In addition, we will strengthen our global capabilities and provide intelligent electrification solutions to passenger cars, commercial vehicles and off-highway customers. For more information on Eaton's eMobility business , please visit .

Eaton's mission is to use power management technologies and services to improve quality of life and the environment. We provide safe, efficient, reliable and sustainable solutions that can help our customers effectively manage their electric, hydraulic and mechanical power. Eaton generated $21.4 billion in sales in 2019 and sells its products to customers in more than 175 countries. The number of employees is about 93,000. For more information , please visit .

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