DSP Concepts and Bose Collaborate to Bring Advanced Sound Management Technologies to More Automotive Brands Worldwide

18 December 2020

DSP Concepts, the audio platform powering more than 50 million devices for many of the world's best consumer and automotive brands, announced a collaboration with the Automotive Systems Division of Bose Corporation to bring the company's Active Sound Management (ASM) solutions into Audio Weaver. Engineers from DSP Concepts and Bose have completed work demonstrating the effectiveness of one of those ASM solutions – Bose QuietComfort Road Noise Control (RNC) – within the Audio Weaver environment, adding to the platform's library of nearly 500 market-proven modules available to developers through a drag-and-drop graphical interface.

"Automotive brands operate in a very saturated market so they're always looking for ways to differentiate themselves and offering cutting edge audio features is quickly becoming a preferred way to do that," said Paul Beckmann, CTO of DSP Concepts. "Given the complex nature of automotive audio systems, the best way to deliver new in-cabin sound experiences is to leverage turnkey solutions from global leaders like Bose. We're proud to bring Bose's industry-leading Active Sound Management solutions to Audio Weaver and anticipate significant interest in the technology from the carmakers building on our platform."

Bose QuietComfort RNC efficiently minimizes unwanted sound in vehicle cabins caused by driving over rough roads, grooved concrete, and uneven pavement. As a flexible and adaptable software solution, QuietComfort RNC uses the vehicle's existing sound system to electronically control targeted noise. In addition to QuietComfort RNC, DSP Concepts' customers will be able to deploy other Bose ASM solutions, including Engine Harmonic Cancellation and Engine Harmonic Enhancement technologies. This effectively gives the brands building on Audio Weaver access to Bose's more than five decades of overall sound innovation, including three decades of breakthroughs in the field of noise cancellation.

This collaboration could accelerate the technology's integration into a variety of new models from automotive brands already building on Audio Weaver, such as Tesla, Porsche, Daimler, and BMW.

"DSP Concepts has clearly shown how Audio Weaver has become an extremely popular audio development platform for carmakers across the globe, and we've recognized its proven ability to run low latency real-time applications," said Peter Kosak, head of the Bose Automotive Systems Division. "We've been impressed by Audio Weaver's effectiveness, and beyond that, it's also processor agnostic, ensuring the software can be ported to whichever chip the car ultimately runs on. That's a huge advantage in terms of design flexibility and speed to market."

The collaboration also allows DSP Concepts and Bose to easily plug into the new supply networks that automotive OEMs are embracing in lieu of traditional supply chains, and positions both companies well for long-term growth in the space.

"We're absolutely seeing an increased focus in audio from automotive brands across the globe, but because it's so challenging to build and deploy embedded audio features in these systems many brands are turning to trusted third parties instead of attempting to do this in-house," said Marcus Behrendt, Partner at BMW i Ventures. "We've been bullish on Audio Weaver for years because of its ability to help manufacturers do this efficiently and affordably at scale."

For more information on DSP Concepts please visit www.dspconcepts.com, and for more information on Active Sound Management and other Bose automotive technologies please visit BoseAutomotive.com.

About DSP Concepts
DSP Concepts is the audio platform powering over 50M of the world's best devices and is the leading supplier to top brands in automotive and consumer products, including Tesla, GoPro, and Porsche with a low-code / no-code solution to voice UI integration and introduced a new emerging standard for embedded audio processing. DSP Concepts is the only comprehensive, end-to-end solution that addresses the current challenges across industries working to innovate with audio and voice today, while working with semiconductor and intellectual property developers including NXP, Qualcomm, STMicroelectronics, and ARM to create more solutions tailored to a wider range of development challenges. Its headquarters are located in Santa Clara, California with additional offices in Boston, Stuttgart, Detroit, Tokyo, and Taiwan.

About Bose Automotive Systems
In the early 1980s, Bose engineers created the world's first factory-installed premium automotive sound systems. Unlike conventional or aftermarket automotive systems, Bose systems were designed and tuned for a specific vehicle — and changed the industry. Since then, Bose has developed proprietary speaker designs, advanced amplification and signal processing technologies, exclusive analysis and design tools, and technology for controlling the sound environment inside vehicles — all based on a heritage of research and engineering.

Today, Bose automotive systems are recognized globally as the industry benchmark for performance and customer satisfaction, validated by independent research rating Bose as the top choice among car consumers in multiple global regions.


Source: prnewswire.com