DriveSmart Warranty Launches New Mobile App GoDriveSmart

17 February 2024

On February 16, DriveSmart, a vehicle service contract administrator, announced the launch of their first mobile app, GoDriveSmart, for iOS and Android devices. The development of the GoDriveSmart app is a space to access all the perks from their vehicle service contract all in one space.

The app is designed to make it a simple process for customers to easily access 24/7 roadside assistance. It also offers a map view of in-network repair facilities which allows customers to be able to get in contact with auto shops and fix their car troubles conveniently.

GoDriveSmart App features include:

  • Instant ID card. Vehicle service contract holders with DriveSmart will be able to sign in and have quick access to their ID card on top of their homepage.
  • Easy claims. Start a claim or monitor a claim status on your mobile device.
  • View policy documents. Be able to review policy documents at any time.
  • Map of in-network repair facilities. Search nearby for insite facilities that will cover your claim on a map overview of your location. This specific feature is on its own separate tab which can be accessed on the bottom of the screen by hitting the "map" icon.
  • Update information. Keep account information up to date by accessing all your claims, ID card, and policy documents at any time.
  • FAQ section: A place dedicated to frequently asked questions and customer service.

When opening the app on any smartphone, the homepage displays the user's identification card for the account. The ID card makes it simple for the repair facility to access on demand.

"In 2024, we want to emphasize our core principles to truly make the product more convenient for our customers and with the GoDriveSmart app, we are doing just that," said Christopher Doyle, lead sales architect at DriveSmart. "It is giving all of the benefits and the access to the plan right at the tip of their fingers."

To use GoDriveSmart, users must have purchased a vehicle service contract from DriveSmart Warranty. To learn more about purchasing a vehicle service contract from DriveSmart, visit

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