Delta-Q Technologies Expands RQ Series with New High-Efficiency Chargers

29 June 2023

Delta-Q Technologies , a premier provider of battery charging solutions, today announced the RQ700, the latest addition to the company’s RQ line of chargers, Designed to meet the requirements of light electric vehicles (LEV), outdoor power equipment and industrial pallet trucks.

“We designed the RQ700 to meet the changing application requirements and growing volumes of OEM customers,” said Lloyd Gomm, vice president of business development and marketing at Delta-Q Technologies. This is a disruptive product for high-volume OEMs looking for a cost-effective charging solution.”

Delta-Q's RQ series includes the RQ350 and the new RQ700 . The new RQ700 has a power output of 700 watts and is available in output voltage specifications of 24, 36 and 48 VDC. Its power density is unmatched compared to other chargers on the market and is optimized for installation in environments with limited space. The charger also has a 12 VDC, 400 milliamp (mA) auxiliary power supply for operating system components. For example, after the battery management system (BMS) goes into sleep mode, the charger can wake up the BMS and power the telematics and other components to ensure that the battery can continue to operate even after a power outage. This feature enables flexibility, safety and seamless integration with lithium batteries.

The RQ700 is user-friendly and comes with installed cables that have been tested and validated by the company's engineering team to ensure it meets industry and customer requirements for cables and connectors. This kit eliminates the time, expense and effort required by customers to purchase additional matching cables, and provides convenience for high-volume applications.

The new solution has all the core functions of the RQ series battery chargers. Designed to withstand automotive shock and vibration, the RQ700 is fully sealed to IP67 protection against ingress of water and dust. An on-board microprocessor enables accurate charging even in low battery states and supports Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) – the ability to use standardized service and diagnostic tools. The charger is equipped with three built-in LEDs to display charging status, errors and faults, and a button for selecting charging algorithms in the field or on the customer's production line.

Samples of the RQ700 are available now. To learn more, please visit .

About Delta-Q Technologies

Delta-Q Technologies continues to drive the world's transition to electric energy by delivering charging solutions for the future. We collaborate to design, test and manufacture rugged battery chargers designed to increase the efficiency of our customers' electric vehicles and industrial machinery. As the first-tier supplier of OEM choice, we rely on our value, persistence and engineering expertise to guide customers to achieve electrification and jointly create a sustainable world.

Delta-Q belongs to ZAPI Group, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Our teams and distribution span five continents, serving industries including electric golf carts, lifts, aerial work platforms, electric vehicles, floor care equipment, utility/recreational vehicles, and new markets such as outdoor power equipment and construction . Please visit , or follow the company on LinkedIn and YouTube to learn more.

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