Coilover Kit for the first E-Class Sedan Generation: KW V3 Classic Suspension for Mercedes 124 model range

13 September 2023

Decades on the road: The Mercedes 124 series was much more than Germany's taxi. Built from 1985 to 1996, this Mercedes impressed with its high-quality craftsmanship and spaciousness. It's no wonder that even today, you can still occasionally spot it on the streets. For enthusiasts of the Mercedes-Benz W124 sedan and later E-Class models, KW automotive has developed the KW V3 Classic suspension. This suspension, with adjustable compression and rebound damping and featuring stainless steel housings, is installed just like the original parts. Mercedes used a similar axle construction for the W124 sedan as the well-known double-wishbone front axle and diagonal swing-arm rear axle (diagonal pendulum axle) from the Baby-Benz (W201). Within the scope of the parts certificate, all W124 rear-wheel-drive models can be lowered continuously between 35 and 60 millimeters. In contrast, the extremely rare "Super-Benz 500 E," manufactured by Porsche, can be lowered for sporty stance by up to 45 millimeters using the KW V3 suspension. The continuous lowering adjustment is made directly on the spring perches and spring perch mounts. More at

The Mercedes 124 series has produced millions, is renowned for its high mileage capabilities, and is among the most indestructible models in automotive history. Those who drive a Mercedes W124 sedan (marketed as the E-Class from 1993 onwards) today without severe rust issues can likely expect not to worry about extensive rust corrosion in their W124 or E-Class in the future, given proper vehicle maintenance for its age. As many vintage car magazines, blogs, and experiences shared within the W124 community indicate, models with above-average rust problems were only sporadically produced. Otherwise, the Mercedes midsize sedans built from 1985 to 1996 are incredibly robust. "Mercedes enthusiasts who are currently restoring their W124 and looking to replace their worn-out stock suspension with modern suspension technology will find the KW V3 Classic suspension an exciting alternative," says KW Classic Expert Sascha Daucher. This independently adjustable coilover suspension kit, which allows for independent compression and rebound damping adjustment, is available for Mercedes W124 sedans with rear-wheel drive and four, five, and six-cylinder engines. When purchasing a KW V3 suspension for your vehicle, it's important to differentiate whether the specific vehicle has rear axle level control or not or if it's a rare Mercedes 500 E model. For the four, five, and six-cylinder models, within the scope of the parts certificate, the front suspension can be lowered from 40 to 65 millimeters, and the rear suspension from 40 to 60 millimeters, for the Mercedes 500 E, which was manufactured by Porsche, a front lowering of 20 to 45 millimeters and a rear lowering of 20 to 40 millimeters are possible. The lowering adjustment is made directly on the height-adjustable spring perches, and there is no need for modifications to the control arms or body domes in the KW development process.

KW V3 Classic Suspension – Much more than just a coilover suspension kit

What sets the KW V3 Classic suspension apart is that it offers much more than continuous lowering. The KW V3 features a modern multi-valve damper design, allowing separate adjustments for low-speed compression and low-speed rebound damping. Sascha Daucher, explaining the suspension, says, "With this adjustability, our recommended and pre-set damping setup can be finely tuned to individual preferences." The adjustable rebound damping primarily affects the handling of the W124. Essentially, rebound damping is responsible for how the Mercedes body connects to the road and how quickly the suspension spring returns to its initial state after compression. Closing the rebound damping valve makes the handling more direct, while opening the rebound damping valves makes the direct handling more forgiving and noticeably improves ride comfort. On the other hand, compression damping influences the compression of the spring during suspension movement. Therefore, it directly affects body roll when steering and cornering. Additionally, compression damping has an impact on the Mercedes' steering response. The pre-configured and non-adjustable high-speed valves ensure that when driving over bumps or road imperfections, the valves open all channels within a fraction of a second to dampen the unevenness of the road. Sascha Daucher says, "Our KW V3 Classic suspension continually surprises our customers because many can hardly believe how comfortable a classic car can be to drive with our threaded suspension while still allowing for high cornering speeds." Even in the pre-set configuration of the V3 dampers, the KW Classic suspension provides the W124 with a firm and necessary ride quality that's as comfortable as possible, making it highly convincing. For the Convertible, Coupe, T-Model (wagon), and other V8 models, as well as the AMG variants of the Mercedes 124, a KW V3 Classic suspension kit is still in development. More at

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