Cirba Solutions & Jacobs form Strategic Alliance to Build Out Sustainable Battery Materials Facilities

10 March 2023

Cirba Solutions, the largest and most comprehensive battery management and materials processor for end-of-life batteries and gigafactory manufacturing scrap, has partnered with Jacobs (NYSE:J), a leading professional services company focused on engineering design and facility buildout, to expand manufacturing capacity across North America for electric vehicle battery materials.

With electric vehicles expected to be 52% of total US car sales by 20301, building out the battery supply chain infrastructure now in preparation of the growing capacity needs is critical.  "Cirba Solutions' dedication to sustainability and expertise in lithium-ion processing, critical to powering the EV industry, makes them a great partner for Jacobs," says Koti Vadlamudi, Senior Vice President, Global Business Solutions at Jacobs. "Their mission aligns with our purpose: to build a more connected and sustainable world."

Jacobs' recent recognition in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index in December 2022 is an example of how the company's infrastructure projects in the sustainability sector corresponds to Cirba Solutions focus on ensuring all aspects of its business support a sustainable approach.  With six operational facilities currently and an estimated total of 13 sites before 2030, Cirba Solutions is committed to enhancing the circular battery supply chain.

Jacobs is managing the facility design and supporting construction of new operations including the current $200 million expansion project in Cirba Solutions' lithium-ion processing site in Lancaster, Ohio that recently received over $82 million in Department of Energy grants. These locations will bring hundreds of new jobs to local communities, expand the battery and sustainable sectors while also providing critical materials for electric vehicle manufacturing. Recycled content is expected to make up over 10% of the cobalt and nickel supply by 2030 and more than 40% of the market by 20502.

"Jacobs' expertise and knowledge of an environmentally thoughtful approach is consistent with our focus to ensure our construction supports our strategic approach to technology and sustainability," says John Kelly, Vice President of Operations at Cirba Solutions.