ChargePoint Express Plus Power Link 2000 Enables Launch of the Fastest Charging Network in North America

16 November 2023

ChargePoint a leading provider of networked charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), announced today the first large scale deployment of its new Express Plus Power Link 2000 DC fast charging platform. The Power Link system, capable of delivering charging speeds up to 500kW, debuted today as the charging hardware and software driving the fastest public charging network in North America: Mercedes-Benz HPC NA.

“With the deployment of Express Plus Power Link 2000, ChargePoint is setting a new standard by offering sustained, ultra high speed charging for all EV drivers,” said Rick Wilmer, COO of ChargePoint. “We congratulate Mercedes-Benz on the launch of their HPC NA network, and we look forward to boosting the availability of fast, reliable public DC charging on North American roads.”

Express Plus is a modular DC fast charging platform. The architecture is based upon Power Blocks, which in turn house up to five Power Modules to reach a desired charging specification. The Power Blocks deliver power that can be dynamically shared amongst Power Link charging stations, which are the actual units that plug into a vehicle. Featuring liquid-cooled cables with hardware designed and tested to deliver a reliable charging experience, these stations can simultaneously charge two vehicles at one time, at sustained high speeds of up to 500kW. Power Blocks intelligently and dynamically allocate power based on what specific vehicles can accommodate as they charge.

Offered under ChargePoint’s Express Plus architecture, the Power Link 2000 station debuts with a number of critical features that both EV drivers and site hosts have long been waiting for. Most notable is the ability to charge two vehicles simultaneously at very high speeds from the same charging station. Offering charging speeds of up to 500kW – a rate even faster than current EVs are capable of charging – Express Plus is designed to meet the charging needs of both current and future EVs. Notably, Power Link 2000 uses a proprietary cooling architecture to deliver these peak speeds for sustained periods of time, meaning an EV driver can charge and go without unexpected additional dwell times.

ChargePoint software combines with the Express Plus Power Link 2000 to enable a seamless driver experience. Long awaited features making their debut include preferential charger access via a reservation system, and automatic payment functionality via “Plug & Charge.” While authentication via card, app or user interface are possible, it is not required for drivers of vehicles that have enabled these services.

About ChargePoint Holdings, Inc.

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