Changan's UNI-T car debuts with stunning design and highly intelligent technology

21 March 2020

Recently, the new UNI-T model from car manufacturer Changan Automobile, based in China , was officially unveiled worldwide, taking advantage of various futuristic technologies along with unique look and avant-garde. The model sparked heated debate with its AI-chip smart vehicle system, the L3 autonomous driving system, which further demonstrates automakers' adoption of futuristic technologies and provides consumers with a smarter driving experience. and higher.

Changan's UNI-T immediately stunned the automotive industry as soon as its live performance was made. When it comes to aesthetics, the UNI-T has broken the barriers of the traditional look, creating an exciting "cutting edge" design on the front of the vehicle using a borderless grille. The trapezoidal cut diamond look at the front forms the basic concept around which the silhouette of the entire vehicle evolves, forming an integrated whole. The handles are concealed in the front and rear doors, blending seamlessly with the movement and tension of the body curve, and the V-shaped tail wing produces a striking design that combines both aesthetics and functionality.

Changan's UNI-T also creates a balance of technologies with simplicity in interior design. The built-in dual 10.25-inch high-definition touchscreen, along with the simple button layout and smart central control line, offers an aesthetic and easy-to-use interface. The horizontal scroll handle, patterned with the design of the spaceships of the future, gives a complete scientific style mixed with advanced principles.

El sistema de vehículo inteligente UNI-T de Changan, equipado con un chip de IA junto con el sistema de reconocimiento de fatiga y facial del conductor, permite una interacción hombre-ordenador más precisa, eficiente y cómoda. Basado en un profundo conocimiento de las expectativas de los conductores, da a todos la sensación de ciencia ficción futurista, que atraerá a la nueva generación de jóvenes consumidores.

Una vez que la conducción autónoma se convierta en una realidad en China, Changan prevé introducir completamente el sistema de conducción autónoma L3 en el modelo UNI-T y espera liderar el camino para ser inteligente en toda la industria automotriz de China.

UNI-T de Changan, uno de los vehículos todoterreno más inteligentes y tecnológicamente avanzados del mercado automovilístico chino, con un alto nivel de expectativa que resultará muy popular entre los consumidores jóvenes.