Changan Automobile releases its overseas strategy Program Pacific at the Shanghai Auto Show

18 April 2023

On April 18, the highly anticipated 2023 Shanghai International Automotive Industry Exhibition opened in Shanghai, China. Changan Auto joined the exhibition with the theme of "Advancing in All Domains, Changan Reaches the World" and released its heavyweight overseas strategy Program Pacific, pressing the "fast-forward button" on its global expansion.

In recent years, "the Belt and Road" initiative has been guiding Chinese enterprises to practice openness and cooperation and win-win development. After years of hard work, China's automotive industry has gained influence worldwide. Leading Chinese automobile enterprises are capable and responsible of leading the upstream and downstream of the industry chain to explore new territories and thrive globally.

Meanwhile, a full range of new energy products of Changan Auto was displayed at the Shanghai Auto Show, including S7, SL03, UNI-V iDD, UNI-K iDD, Z6 iDD, and Lumin. The architectures of the concept cars VIIA and SDA were also showcased, demonstrating the company's strong technical reserves and forward-looking vision, which solidifies the construction of a world-class automobile brand.

The year 2023 marks a pivotal year for Changan Auto to achieve global development. With a greater openness to collaboration, Changan Auto, anchored in China and extending to the world, is dedicated to creating a "Chinese emblem" that shines brightly on the global automotive stage.