CADvizor CATIA 3D Integration Release: Transforming Electrical Design Experience with ECAD and MCAD Integration

16 April 2024

YURA CO., LTD has officially announced the release of CADvizor CATIA 3D integration, an innovative solution that seamlessly integrates 3D modeling and electrical design. This revolutionary technology significantly reduces design modification time, enhances product quality, and reduces costs. Already recognized globally, this AWS-certified solution is utilized across various industries including satellite manufacturing, automotive, electric vehicles (EV), hydrogen mobility, and agricultural machinery production.

Innovative integration of Design and Simulation

CADvizor CATIA 3D integration revolutionizes the electrical design process by seamlessly integrating design and simulation, allowing designers to directly design and simulate the connectivity of electrical systems. This innovative solution significantly reduces the time required for design changes, improves product quality, and provides cost-saving benefits. Furthermore, with 3D integration, the challenges of redesign are effectively mitigated, resulting in a remarkable improvement of over 70% in design efficiency.

The Dual effect of costs savings and Quality enhancement

The optimized product design with CADvizor CATIA 3D integration has a crucial impact on both the cost and quality of the product. Optimal material selection enhances product quality while driving cost reductions. This strengthens collaboration between production and procurement departments, enabling more efficient manufacturing of products. As a result, cost savings of up to 20% or more can be achieved, alongside notable improvements in product quality.

Optimizing operational efficiency while reducing design errors

By seamlessly integrating 3D modeling and electrical systems, CADvizor CATIA 3D integration can boost operational efficiency by more than 70% and significantly reduce design errors. This contributes greatly to shortening product development cycles and improving product quality.


YURA CO., LTD, a leader in the automotive parts manufacturing sector, offers optimized solutions through a range of systems, including electrical design software like CADvizor. The release of the innovative CADvizor CATIA 3D integration solution is expected to bring significant changes in the field of design and manufacturing.

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