Brigade Electronics discusses emergency vehicle safety

31 May 2022

Collisions involving emergency vehicles are a regular occurrence in the US and it is estimated that they account for 6,500 accidents every year.

According to the National Safety Council, 180 people died in crashes involving emergency vehicles in 2020. Pedestrians accounted for 25% of these deaths. However, emergency workers are also at risk. Fire truck accidents are the second leading cause of on-the-job deaths for firefighter and incidents.

Clearly, vehicle safety is vital in preventing deaths and injuries in the emergency services sector.

Emergency response vehicle drivers face a unique set of challenges. Travelling at high speeds while weaving through traffic, maneuvering in tight spaces and operating in dangerous, noisy environments are everyday hazards for emergency responders to negotiate. They also encounter adverse weather conditions and night-time call-outs in often high-risk situations.

Research has shown that incidents and collisions are most likely to occur at slower speeds, due to two core issues – limited visibility and blind spots on reversing or maneuvering vehicles.

Incidents can be costly and distressing for those involved. However, all-round vehicle visibility provided by the latest commercial vehicle safety technology has proved to reduce collisions and improve safety considerably.

Safety camera systems

Retro-fitting vehicles with commercial vehicle safety systems, such as Brigade Electronics' best-selling Backeye®360, allows drivers to keep a close eye on all possible blind spots of their vehicle so they can instantly see other vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians.

This intelligent four-camera technology is designed to eliminate vehicle blind spots and assist maneuverability in challenging situations by providing the driver with a complete 360-degree view of their vehicle in a single image. The system combines images from four ultra-wide-angle cameras, which are displayed on the driver's monitor in real-time. The result is a 'bird's-eye-view' of the vehicle and surrounding area.

Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection

Ultrasonic obstacle detection technology can detect stationary and moving objects and are perfect for road-going commercial vehicles, such as ambulances and fire engines. The ultrasonic proximity sensors minimize both vehicle damage and collisions with pedestrians, cyclists, and objects. The detection system alerts the driver with an audible and visible in-cab warning when objects are within a certain distance. Advanced systems, such as Brigade's Sidescan®Predict, utilize AI (artificial intelligence) to constantly gather data such as the speed and distance of a cyclist or pedestrian in the vicinity.

Vehicle CCTV and digital video recorders

When camera systems are linked to vehicle CCTV and a digital video recorder set-up, the recorded footage can provide irrefutable evidence in the event of a collision, or any kind of incident, such as vandalism or theft from a vehicle.

One major benefit of digital video recorders is their ability to support drivers who can often be the subject of increased scrutiny after an incident. The latest systems, such as Brigade's MDR, also have 4G cloud-connectivity, meaning that data can be live-streamed remotely with real time GPS tracking.

Brigade Electronics INC will be attending NYSAFC 116th Annual Conference & Fire 2022 Expo at The Oncenter, Syracuse NY between June 15th and 18th and exhibiting its range of vehicle safety systems, including Sidescan®Predict. Find them at stand #1217.


Brigade Electronics is a worldwide market-leading provider of safety devices and solutions for commercial vehicles and machinery.

Brigade's products work to reduce the risk of collisions and protect vulnerable road users by minimizing vehicle blind spots and assisting drivers to maneuver safely.

Founded in 1976 by Chris Hanson-Abbott OBE, Brigade Electronics introduced the very first back up alarm to Europe and has been at the forefront of championing vehicle and machinery safety ever since, pioneering new products, and developing and patenting new technology.

Brigade's product portfolio includes 360-degree camera systems, camera monitor systems, White Sound® reversing alarms, obstacle detection sensors, obstacle detection radar, and digital recorders.