BNSF Automotive Facilities Recognized as Best in North Americ

12 June 2024

Last week, two of BNSF Railway’s automotive facilities, operated by service partner Inter-Rail Group, were recognized by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) as some of the best in North America.

Kansas City Auto received Origin of the Year, with a score of 99.45%, and San Diego Automotive was awarded Destination of the Year, with a score of 99.98%, both demonstrating a commitment to outstanding and unmatched service. The awards were accepted at the Damage Freight Prevention Convention, held in Minneapolis.

“We are so proud of our auto teams in both Kansas City and San Diego for this accomplishment, as we know this was no easy feat,” said BNSF Director of System Hub Operations Tara Sprinkle. “This is the first origin award win for BNSF, and the first time for us to have both origin and destination wins in a single year. We look forward to continuing to build upon these achievements in delivering consistent, high-quality service to our customers.”

Audits of the automotive facilities are stringent and thorough, and conducted unannounced by MxV Rail at all rail-served facilities, including plants and ports across North America. Audit metrics include operation safety, quality, physical security, and facility maintenance.

About BNSF

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Kendall Kirkham Sloan
Director of External Communications
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