Black Sesame Technologies Unveils Innovative Autonomous Driving Solutions at CES 2024

10 January 2024

On January 9th, Black Sesame Technologies, a leading intelligent vehicle SoC and solution provider, revealed a range of innovative products and solutions at CES 2024. Notably, the company introduced its high-performance, automotive-grade autonomous driving chip, the Huashan Series A1000, and the intelligent vehicle cross-domain computing platform, the Wudang C1200 Series. The event also marked the announcement of numerous strategic partnerships, fostering the growth of robust, collaborative ecosystems in the automotive sector.

The Huashan Series A1000 Accelerates the Commercialization of Autonomous Driving

The Huashan A1000 chip has been recognized as China's first automotive-grade, single-SoC platform capable of supporting a single domain controller for both driving and parking. It has emerged as the most mature and widely used autonomous driving computing chip in the domestic market. Now in widespread mass production, the A1000 is featured in vehicles from China's foremost automakers, including FAW Group, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Geely Holding Group and JAC Group, powering, among others, the popular Lynk & Co 08 and Hycan V09 models. At CES, Black Sesame Technologies highlighted the A1000's broad range of capabilities, showcasing features such as integrated driving and parking, urban navigation, valet parking, 3D surround-view parking assistance, vehicle-road cooperation, and driver monitoring systems.

The intelligent vehicle solutions leader has established a comprehensive and mature mass-production ecosystem centered around the Huashan-2 A1000 chip. The ecosystem encompasses domain controllers, an operating system, middleware, higher-layer application algorithms, and a scenario iteration platform designed for algorithmic enhancements. The framework is designed to further expedite the commercialization process for automakers and Tier 1 suppliers.

Furthermore, the Huashan-2 A1000 is the first domestically produced autonomous driving computing chip to utilize the BlackBerry QNX operating system in mass production. This integration offers an industry-leading advanced intelligent driving solution that delivers excellence in performance, security, and reliability. Notably, the Skyland series of intelligent driving computing platforms, developed by ECARX using the A1000 chip, will be featured in a demo video at CES.

The Wudang C1200 Series: Revolutionizing Vehicle Computing with "All-in-One" Chip

Black Sesame Technologies has been a trailblazer in cross-domain convergence within the automotive sector and was the first to conceptualize and launch such a chip. The Wudang C1200 series, sets a global industry benchmark, especially in China, outperforming others in various key metrics. With the industry's highest MCU integrated computational power and built-in 10 Gigabit network hardware acceleration capabilities, the chip empowers customers to integrate a broader array of intelligent functions into a single vehicle.This time, Black Sesame Technologies officially unveiled the mass-produced chip models of the C1200 family at CES 2024, including Wudang Series C1236 supporting single-chip NOA solution and Wudang Series C1296 supporting single-chip integrated intelligent scenarios of multi domain.

Visitors to CES 2024 are invited to experience Black Sesame Technologies booth, where the capabilities of the Wudang C1200 series' multifaceted capabilities are on full display, including an integrated driving and parking platform, a 6V Bird's Eye View(BEV) sensor, vehicle data exchange, hard isolation and GPU rendering. The C1200 series excels in managing high-speed and low-speed data exchanges within vehicles, simultaneously reducing the number of system devices required. Moreover, the chip significantly boosts software reuse and enhances the overall security of vehicle systems.

Enhancing efficiency with a comprehensive development toolchain

At the heart of Black Sesame Technologies' strategy is an acute awareness of the synergy between software and hardware. By offering a combined "chip + development toolchain" model, the company assists its customers in boosting R&D efficiency, reducing overall expenses, and hastening the journey to mass production.

The sophistication and complexity of the toolchain and software are key indicators of an autonomous driving chip's user-friendliness. Black Sesame Technologies Shanhai development toolchain, in conjunction with the Huashan series of autonomous driving computing chips, comes equipped with comprehensive development kits and software tools needed for algorithm development. These tools cover the entire spectrum of model development, including quantification, optimization, compilation, simulation, deployment and debugging. Additionally, the toolchain, by incorporating all possible scenarios into a deep learning reference model library, substantially lowers the barriers to algorithm development, aiding customers in achieving flexible model migration, deployment and integration.

Black Sesame Technologies is dedicated to unlocking new opportunities for industry chain partners and the broader ecosystem through continuous chip innovation and technological advancement. The company is eager to collaborate with an expanding network of ecosystem partners to foster mutual growth and shared success, aiming to create greater value for the entire industry.

About Black Sesame Technologies

Black Sesame Technologies is a leading automotive-grade computing SoC and SoC-based intelligent vehicle solution provider. The company started with the Huashan Series high-computing power SoCs for autonomous driving and recently introduced the Wudang Series cross-domain SoCs to address more diverse and sophisticated demands for advanced functionalities of intelligent vehicles. Black Sesame Technologies' proprietary automotive-grade products and technologies empower intelligent vehicles with mission-critical capabilities, such as autonomous driving, smart cockpit, advanced imaging and interconnection. The company offers full-stack autonomous driving capabilities to meet broad customer needs through SoCs and SoC-based solutions, powered by in-house developed IP cores, algorithms and support software.