Beep Expands Autonomous Vehicle Testing with New Headquarters in Lake Nona, Fla.

22 July 2021

Beep – a global leader in multi-passenger, electric, autonomous mobility solutions –today announced the company's grand opening of its headquarters in Lake Nona, Fla. The 10,000 square-foot facility is now home the Beep Command Center, a state-of-the-art, centralized command center used to actively monitor all autonomous projects for an unrivaled level of passenger safety, an innovation lab, which is intended to highlight premier partners in the autonomous vehicle industry, and all the company's administrative and operational functions.

"Since our launch in 2019, we knew we needed a premier facility that would allow us to continue testing and delivering next-generation autonomous mobility to communities and planned developments around the country, as well as serve as a technology development hub as we continue to move the autonomous industry forward through real world learnings and proprietary technology development. It's very fitting that we built our headquarters in a community where we have enabled the largest and most tenured autonomous shuttle project in the country here in Lake Nona. We have very aggressive growth strategies in 2021 and beyond, and we look forward to continuing the expansion of the great relationship we've established with our partners who share our same vision of safer and sustainable autonomous mobility."  – Joe Moye, CEO, Beep

The opening of Beep's new headquarters is the latest measure of success for the company, which has experienced a number of milestones since launching its first route in September 2019:

  • Completed a $20M Series-A funding round with Intel Capital and Blue Lagoon Capital
  • Expansion of the largest and longest autonomous shuttle test network at one location in the United States in Lake Nona, Fla.
  • Launching the first autonomous shuttles at Yellowstone National Park
  • Quadrupled Beep's workforce to almost 80 employees

Beep: Making Autonomous Mobility a Reality Today…and Tomorrow
In addition to established partnerships with communities such as Lake Nona and Tradition in Florida, Beep is working with many municipalities and transit authorities to enhance access to main corridors in underserved and urban areas.

Unlike any other entity in the industry, Beep offers turnkey managed autonomous mobility services leveraging the experience of having managed the largest and most tenured autonomous shuttle network in the United States.

  • What sets Beep apart from other AV companies are their innovations in both technology development and implementation of planning, deploying, and managing AV fleets. Beep understands the importance of ensuring safe operation of autonomous shuttles on the road today as the technology continues to mature. Additionally, Beep is closely engaged with the first responder and key community groups such as the disabled and underserved in each of its deployments to ensure vital community engagement and mobility equity for all.

About Beep

Beep delivers the next generation of mobility services utilizing driverless, electric, multi-passenger vehicles. By specializing in planning, deploying and managing advanced autonomous shuttles for both private and public communities, Beep safely connects people, places and services in first-mile, last-mile mobility networks. Beep also leverages the data and learnings from its public road deployments to produce vehicle agnostic, edge solutions meant to enhance safety, access, artificial-intelligence and driverless operating capabilities of autonomous platforms.  Beep delivers on a primary goal of enabling mobility-for-all with the services and software they provide. For more information visit:

Contact: Beep Corporate Communications
[email protected]