Baxter Performance Expands Their Oil Filter Adapter Line

13 May 2021

Baxter Performance, the exclusive manufacturer of cartridge oil filter adapters for Toyota engines, has announced their expansion into adapters for Mopar, Ford, GM, and Subaru applications. The company produces quality machined adapters that retain oil in the filter and post filtration in the engine for faster oil delivery and pressure at start-up, this results in less engine wear at the most critical time, thus extending engine life. No more dry starts.

"With the advent of automotive manufacturers reverting to cartridge style filters, the delay of oil pressure affects not only critical wear components but also systems that simply require oil pressure to function properly, such as cam chain tensioners and variable valve timing assemblies," says Kevin Baxter, President of Baxter Performance.  

Good examples are the 3.2/3.6 Pentastar and Ford 2.7/3.0 EcoBoost engines. With the cartridge oil filters and oil coolers mounted on top, these systems completely drain of oil in 35 minutes and 18 minutes, respectively. This condition results in these components having to fill with oil before providing lubrication and pressure at virtually every engine start-up, thus causing a prolonged dry start.

Baxter Performance adapters allow for mounting of spin-on oil filters that contains an anti-drain back valve, top mounted adapters also contain a patent pending full flow output side check valve to prevent air from migrating into the system from the out-flow side. All Baxter Performance adapters work with standard spin-on oil filters, are easily installed, and make changing your oil filter quick and simple as well.

About Baxter Performance

Baxter Performance began selling their patented Toyota adapters in 2015. Their adapters are machined to exacting standards from billet aluminum and built in the USA. They also provide remote oil filter adapters and a unique inverted remote oil filter mount to provide options of additional cooling, bypass, or accumulator options normally not available with cartridge oil filter systems.

For more information, contact Baxter Performance at 509-448-7951 or visit them online at     

Kevin Baxter
Baxter Performance
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