BANF, Smart Tire Sensor Company, Wins 2024 CES Innovation Award

6 January 2024

In a remarkable achievement, BANF proudly unveiled its latest triumph at the esteemed 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) by securing the prestigious Innovation Awards in the Vehicle Tech and Advanced Mobility category. This accomplishment stands as a significant milestone, accentuated by the exclusive recognition granted to only a handful of multinational companies in the fiercely competitive Vehicle Tech and Advanced Mobility sector.

The accolade further illuminates BANF's technological prowess, with industry heavyweights like Continental, FORVIA, Garmin, Hesai Technology, Honda, Magna International, and Valeo sharing the limelight as distinguished awardees. BANF's Smart tire iSensor takes center stage, assuring cost-effective trucking and safer roads through its innovative real-time tire and road analysis. This groundbreaking technology utilizes wireless charging and communication, a 3-axis accelerometer sensor, and an AI adaptive algorithm to provide crucial real-time tire data, tire tread measurement, road condition insights, wheel alignment optimization, and detection of loosen lug nuts conditions.

At CES 2024, held annually in Las Vegas, BANF captured global attention by presenting its revolutionary next-generation smart tire technology. The event serves as the world's largest electronics expo, attracting IT companies worldwide to showcase cutting-edge products and technologies.

BANF is strategically poised to strengthen its global presence, aspiring to take the lead in the next-generation mobility sector through diverse partnerships on both domestic and international fronts. Noteworthy past recognitions, including the 'K-Digital Grand' and triumphs at Seoul Metropolitan City's 'Try Everything 2023,' underline BANF's consistent commitment to innovation and excellence.

Witness BANF's groundbreaking innovations at the CES 2024 Venetian Expo, Eureka Park Booth number 63301, as they continue to shape the future of smart mobility.