Autonomous Vehicle Software Developer Imagry and AutonomouStuff Partner to Deliver Mapless Driving Platform

29 April 2020

Imagry, an autonomous vehicle software developer with a pioneering mapless driving platform, today announced it has partnered with AutonomouStuff for inclusion in its leading portfolio of autonomy-enabling technologies for worldwide resale. AutonomouStuff customers seeking to avoid the extreme limitations of HD Mapping can now capitalize on the efficiency, scalability and reliability of Imagry's mapless technology when developing and deploying their own autonomous solutions.

"The Imagry platform sets itself apart through an innovative approach to one of the most complex aspects of automated driving," said Craig Johnson, senior autonomy product manager at AutonomouStuff. "Imagry engineered a system that navigates without the need for previously created and continuously updated high-definition maps, aligning itself with our mission to enable, accelerate and deploy the future of autonomy."

Mapless vs. HD Mapping Technology

There are two types of approaches for developing autonomous vehicle technology: HD mapping and mapless. HD mapping is the most common approach, but with its reliance on pre-built maps, it is hindering the mass deployment of autonomous vehicles. Imagry's mapless technology doesn't require a pre-built map to function. Instead, it uses a vision-based approach to "see" the world in front of it. It's essentially generating realizations of the car's surroundings in real time, allowing the vehicle to quickly adapt to its environment.

"Our partnership with AutonomouStuff is another important step in the adoption of mapless technology that enables the industry's need to scale autonomous transportation," said Adham Ghazali, CEO and co-founder of Imagry. "We view this alliance as an important endorsement and acknowledgement of our innovative and proprietary mapless technology for autonomous driving."

Collaboration and inclusion of world-class suppliers is the best approach to developing a safe, cost-efficient, and fast-to-market solution for autonomous driving. AutonomouStuff's ability to offer leading R&D platforms, products, software and engineering services are critical for the go-to-market strategy of Imagry to reach multiple autonomous solution developers quickly. Imagry's mapless approach fundamentally transforms autonomous mobility by pushing the limits of computer vision and artificial intelligence. A key role for AutonomouStuff will be the integration of Imagry's mapless software into autonomous driving architectures.

About Imagry
Imagry is an autonomous vehicle platform developer that's dedicated to pioneering the future of mapless autonomous driving technology. With headquarters in both the U.S. and Israel, its technology utilizes mapless, vision-based software with artificial intelligence to identify the road, route, vehicles, obstructions, pedestrians and more without requiring HD mapping. More information is available at

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