AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Nagoya Coming Back with More Exhibitors and Welcoming 80 Industry Leaders as Speakers

6 August 2019

Including 130 newcomers, 370 exhibitors will gather in 5 shows held inside AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Nagoya (CAR-ELE JAPAN Nagoya, EV JAPAN Nagoya, Automotive Lightweight Technology Expo Nagoya, CAR-MECHA JAPAN Nagoya, and Autonomous Driving Technology Expo Nagoya). The show will welcome 80* industry leaders as speakers. Visit AUTOMOTIVE WORLD NAGOYA to find your best business partners!

< Show Outline >

[Show Name] 2nd AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Nagoya
[Dates] September 18 (Wed) -20 (Fri), 2019 10:00-18:00 (last day until 17:00)
[Venue] PortmesseNagoya, Japan
[Organiser] Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.

[Concurrent Shows]
2nd RoboDEXNagoya-Robot Development & Application Expo Nagoya
2nd SMART FACTORY Expo Nagoya

< Show Highlights >
-80* Top Engineers to Speak (Toyota Motor Corp., Volkswagen AG, Subaru Corp., Jaguar Land Rover, etc.)
-At Co-held Shows, Latest Technologies for Smart Factories, Electronics Manufacturing and Robots Gather!
2nd SMART FACTORY Expo Nagoya, 2nd NEPCON NAGOYAand 2nd RoboDEXNagoya will be concurrently held.
680 exhibitors in total are going to showcase their latest technologies.

< Exhibit Profile >

Automotive Electronics Technology
-Electronic components
-In-vehicle semiconductors
-Testing/Simulation tool
-Design & development tools (CAD, CAM, CAE, etc.)
-Engineering services, etc.

EV/HEV Technology
-Components, etc.

Autonomous Driving Technology
-Sensing technology
-Dynamic map/mapping technology
-Autonomous vehicle
-Semiconductor/AI, etc.

Lightweight Technology
-Molding/Processing technologies
-Design tools/CAE, etc.

Processing Technology
-Processed parts
-Processing technologies for automotive components
-Contract services, etc.

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