Autofleet offers a vehicle-like platform as a service for the deployment of the Keolis autonomous electric shuttle in Sweden

20 March 2021

Autofleet , provider of AI - powered fleet optimization solutions, has been selected by Keolis , a public transport operator, to provide its platform as part of of an Autonomous Electric Vehicle (AEV) project in Gothenburg, Sweden. The operation of the shuttles began on January 18, 2021, at the request of the local public transport operator, Västtrafik. The autonomous shuttle service is a first project that is part of a lasting collaboration aimed at using the Autofleet platform for the management of new Keolis mobility solutions.

The shuttle service, integrated into the city of Gothenburg's public transport network (line 56), will serve a route encompassing industrial and residential sites, using two autonomous electric shuttles manufactured by Navya. This service, designed to be operational in negative temperatures and in snowy weather, is the most innovative mobility project ever implemented by the city.

Autofleet's platform gathers and analyzes detailed shuttle data through real-time integration with Navya's API, in order to generate usable data on project performance for operators. The interface follows the shuttles at the scale of individual sensors and continuously provides data on attendance (stops and passengers), which allows Keolis to obtain clear information for the optimization and improvement of the service. Thanks to automated notification and alert functions, operational teams are kept informed of current events in the field. In addition, the Autofleet application for drivers allows security operators to track and share their reports with their team within a single interface.

The Autofleet platform is not linked to the manufacturer or the type of vehicle. As part of its permanent collaboration with Autofleet, Keolis is able to integrate autonomous shuttles and vehicles with electric motors (or internal combustion engines) into the platform, which offers the transport operator a point of contact. single access for the management and modulation of its deployments.

"The Autofleet platform provides evidence that allows us to measure key performance indicators, and thus improve our service toolbox for future projects," said Scheherazade Zekri, Director of New Mobility Services at Keolis Group. "Collaboration with the company is crucial for the development of new autonomous shuttle services, which will allow better management of vehicle fleets and optimize service to users".

"Autofleet's goal is to roll out sustainable mobility services and foster the transition from crowded fleets to providers of Vehicle-as-a-Service solutions," said Kobi Eisenberg, CEO of Autofleet. "We are delighted to partner with Keolis on this project in order to conduct autonomous operations in extreme conditions, which meet the transport needs of communities around the world."

Autofleet provides fleet owners and operators with a platform to automate and optimize corporate fleet management, and has partnerships with other fleets and vehicle manufacturers globally (including Avis Budget Group, Zipcar, Keolis and Suzuki). In April 2020, Autofleet announced its Serie A fundraising of 7.5 million USD, led by MizMaa Ventures, as well as its initial funding led by Maniv Mobility.

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Autofleet offers the main Vehicle-as-a-Service platform for fleets. It makes it possible to optimize existing operations and launch new business models from existing vehicles. The platform is based on advanced algorithms in machine learning, which make it possible to forecast demand, optimize the allocation and matching of vehicles, automate the management of service station stops, loading / unloading vehicles, and much more. For more information, visit .

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